Sun, Yacheng

Associate Professor, Department of Marketing

Curriculum Vitae

Phone             (86) (10) 62794163
Office            528 Weilun Building
Office Hours   Thur16:00-17:00
                             Sat. 16:00-17:00


Dr. Yacheng Sun received his Bachelor’s degree of science from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2001 and Master’s degree in Economics from Indiana University in 2002. He received his PhD in Marketing from Indiana University in 2008. His research interests include pricing, analytical customer relationship management and online social networks.

Journal Papers 

Yacheng Sun and Dan Zhang, “A model of customer reward programs with finite expiration terms,” forthcoming, Management Science.

Vineet Kumar and Yacheng Sun, "Designing pricing strategy for operational and technological transformation," forthcoming, Management Science.  

Yacheng Sun, Xiaojing Dong and Shelby McIntyre, “Motivation of user-generated content: social connectedness moderates the effects of monetary rewards,” Marketing Science 2017, May/June (Lead Article).

Yacheng Sun, Shibo Li and Baohong Sun, “An empirical analysis of consumer purchase decisions under bucket-based price discrimination,” Marketing Science 2015, September/November.

Praveen K. Kopalle, Yacheng Sun, Scott A. Neslin, Baohong Sun and Vanitha Swaminathan, “The joint sales impact of frequency reward and customer tier components of loyalty programs,” Marketing Science 2012, March/April.

Jiewen Hong and Yacheng Sun, "Warm it up with love: the effect of physical coldness on liking of romance movies," Journal of Consumer Research 2012, August.


“An analysis of Buy X, Get One Free reward programs,” (with Yan Liu and Dan Zhang), under review at Operations Research.

“Customer coalition loyalty program,” (with Yan Liu and Dan Zhang), work in progress.

“How to Motivate (or Demotivate) User-Generated Content among Connected Consumers” (with Xiaojing Dong and Shelby McIntyre), under review at Sloan Management Review.  

“Online infomediary for one-of-a-kind services,” (with Atanu R. Sinha), Working paper.

“When is the juice worth the squeeze?–an empirical study on optimal structuring of win-back strategy in the presence of customer dynamics.” (with Shibo Li and Baohong Sun) Working paper.


Media Coverage

Harvard Business Review
The Wall Street Journal (US)
Fox News (US)
CBC News (Canada)
The Medill News Service (US)
The Toronto Star (Canada)
The Huffington Post (US)
The Daily Mail (UK)
Times of India (India)
Men’s Health (US)
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