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Four Tsinghua SEM Faculty Honored with Excellent Teaching Awards

Tsinghua SEM faculty members XUE Jian, WANG Xueli, XIAO Xing and WANG Hao have been named prize winners of the 2017 Excellent Teaching Awards. The Excellent Teaching Award is designed to acknowledge faculties, for undergraduates or for postgraduates, obtaining popularity and recognition from students and peers. The prize distributed a record number of 100 in Tsinghua University this year.


XUE Jian, WANG Xueli, XIAO Xing and WANG Hao

XUE Jian, the School’s Associate Professor of the Department of Accounting, who explores financial accounting, information efficiency of capital markets and analyst forecasts. She also teaches Principles of Accounting for undergraduates, postgraduates and EMBA students.


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