Tsinghua SEM Korean Alumni Gathering 2018 in Seoul

On October 28, 2018, Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management (Tsinghua SEM) Korean Alumni gathering was held in Seoul. Mansfield Freeman Chair Professor BAI Chong-En, Dean of Tsinghua SEM and Chairman of Tsinghua SEM Alumni Association, QIAN Xiaojun, Professor of Tsinghua SEM and Associate Dean of Schwarzman College, JIAO Fangxing (MBA Class of 2010), Director of Tsinghua SEM Alumni Center and Secretary General of Tsinghua SEM Alumni Association, and MA Jia, Director of MBA Programs of Tsinghua SEM presented at the event. It was co-hosted by JIAO Fangxing and Min Baek (MBA Class of 2018), Samsung Electronics.


Jung Suk Oh (MBA Class of 2006), Corporate VP of Samsung Electronics System LSI Business, addressed the audience with a welcome speech. He sent regards on the behalf of the Chairman of Tsinghua SEM Korean Alumni Association and the VP of Samsung Greater China Choi Cheol (MBA Class of 2003) and expressed that the Tsinghua SEM Korean Alumni Association will continue to unify and to expand the network of the association through networking events and activities.


Dean BAI Chong-En summed up the milestones for the past years which includes the changeover of deanship, development of academic and research, matters related to Tsinghua SEM Advisory Board, upgrading facilities of the School and also development of the Alumni Association. He expressed that Tsinghua SEM would illustrate the China Story from an academic viewpoint, and also welcome new challenges. Lastly, he wished that the Alumni Association can continue to be an important pillar of the School and the University.


Professor QIAN Xiaojun discussed about business ethics with alumni during her speech, also raised the expectations for alumni, so that every alumni can unleash their potential and recall their roots. Despite working for their dreams, they also must do their part in social responsibilities and make a lasting contribution to the world and the society.


JIAO Fangxing introduced the operations and development focus of the Alumni Association.  Tsinghua SEM Korean Alumni Association is an important component of the alumni association and also a home to Korean Alumni. Tsinghua SEM Alumni Center will also continue to serve a bridge between the School and the alumni, creating a more comprehensive and quality platform for the Alumni Association, to help the Association and the School.


MA Jia introduced MBA Programs to the audience, which includes the revamps made to MBA classes, exchange programs, and also latest updates of the alumni association. Since 1997, there has been about 200 Korean students who did their MBA at Tsinghua SEM, which served as a large part of the MBA international student center. These students enhanced the cooperation between the Sino-Korean exchanges and also the International Students’ Center. Lastly, she showed the alumni a picture of her student card in her MBA days, to relish the wonderful memories.


Myeong-Cheol Choi (Ph.D. 2008), Assistant Professor of the Department of Global Business of Gachon University expressed his gratitude to both the University and the School. He also wished to improve the competence and professional skillsets of the Tsinghua SEM Korean Alumni Association, uniting both the School and the Association.


This event was organized by the Alumni Center and MBA Programs of Tsinghua SEM. It was supported by various alumni such as Choi Cheol (MBA Class of 2003), Choi Won Yong (MBA Class of 2005), Jung Suk Oh (MBA Class of 2006), Jason Se Hwan Chang (MBA Class of 2010), Huang De (EMBA Class of 2012), Kevin G.Sohn (MBA Class of 2016), Namgoo Kim (TIEMBA 2015) and Min Baek (MBA Class of 2016). 


Group Photo