Opening Ceremony for Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA Program Class of 2021 Held

On September 10, 2019, Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA Program (hereinafter referred to as TIEMBA) Class of 2021 Opening Ceremony was held. Present were Professor CHEN Yubo, Secretary of the CPC Committed and Senior Associate Dean of Tsinghua SEM, Professor Urs PEYER, Dean of Degree Programs of INSEAD, JIA Li, Director of EMBA Programs, Tsinghua SEM, Professor LU Yao, Academic Director of TIEMBA, Associate Professor of Finance, Tsinghua SEM, Giorgio Fortunato, Alumnus from TIEMBA Class of 2018 and Ida Wang, Alumna from TIEMBA Class of 2015.


Professor CHEN Yubo, gave an opening remarks to kick off the ceremony. As a joint program run by two finest higher educational institutions in the world-Tsinghua and INSEAD, TIEMBA has been ranked top 3 in six consecutive years in the World by Financial Times Global EMBA Ranking. The integration of the strength of Tsinghua and INSEAD is to cultivate business leaders with global vision and Chinese insights in the new business and economic context of the world. According to CHEN, the distinct features of TIEMBA program also include bridging theory and practice as well as diversity. Since the program has been designed to cultivate global business leaders, the curriculum is comprised of theoretical core courses and practical management and leadership courses, focusing on general management skills. Students in TIEMBA Class of 2021 will learn not only by sitting in the classroom, but also by seeing, by doing and to learn by being. As for diversity, it provides students with a global and multi-cultural perspectives. It has changed the life and career path of many people and cultivated a great many distinguished leaders resulting in a most dynamic network in China and around the World. 31 participants in TIEMBA Class of 2021 come from 12 countries, and so far TIEMBA already have had 510 participants and alumni from 44 different countries. Chen hoped that in the following 22 months everyone in the class would gain not only the professional knowledge but also a new understanding of career and life.


Dean Peyer delivered a welcome speech. Peyer believes that the integration of the Chinese businesses, international vision, experts from the two universities, and multinational corporations in the TIEMBA program not only embodies the feature of diversity, but also brings rich resources for learning. This will help promote the interaction between China and the West, and it will also help students to take advantages of combined strength of Tsinghua and INSEAD. Peyer hopes that the students will constantly improve themselves and take every effort to make the world a better place through business.

CHEN Funn Yii, Timothy, on behalf of the new cohort, shared his own growth story and career experience. After ten years of working in his field, he was faced with some new challenges and always thinking about rebuilding himself. One day, an idea crossed his mind that participating in an EMBA program would be an excellent choice to get out of one’s comfort zone and improve oneself. In the process of selecting the EMBA program, TIEMBA, one of the best programs in the world, attracted his attention. Mr. Chen hopes to have a more comprehensive understanding of management science during the upcoming 22-month studying process, continue to learn from the brilliant classmates in TIEMBA class, and finally change the world by his efforts.


Giorgio Fortunato, Alumnus from TIEMBA Class of 2018 and Ida Wang, Alumna from TIEMBA Class of 2015, shared their stories with TIEMBA and the changes TIEMBA has brought to their life. Giorgio told the new class that TIEMBA would support them with a set of tools, an amazing platform, and an incredible opportunity to network, ask advice, give and received feedback and coaching, all in an environment that is cooperative, safe, and as inclusive as it gets. Ida recalled that since she graduated from TIEMBA successfully, she switched her career from healthcare to investment, and even stepped further recently, from an employee to an entrepreneur. Ida is the president of TIEMBA Shanghai Chapter, which was launched in April 2019 and under the umbrella of Tsinghua EMBA Alumni Shanghai Association. Besides monthly gathering, TIEMBA Shanghai Chapter regularly hold seminars as well as company visits. Ida encouraged everyone in TIEMBA Class of 2021 to get devoted into the program, together with classmates and alumni, then let the change happen.


After the group photo, Dean Peyer and Professor LU Yao, Academic Director of TIEMBA, gave an overview of the new class. They also introduced the curriculum and the regulation of the program, and encouraged the participants to join the communities of the two schools and to enjoy a fulfilling time in TIEMBA.



Group Photo