“The Dean Presents the School State to Alumni” Event Held Online

On April 25, 2020, the " The Dean Presented the School State to Alumni " event in Tsinghua SEM was held through online live broadcast. Mansfield Freeman Chair Professor BAI Chong-En, Dean of Tsinghua SEM and President of Tsinghua SEM Alumni Association, shared with alumni the recent situation of the school and discussed about its future development. Professor LI Jizhen, Associate Dean of Tsinghua SEM made a progress report on the new buildings of the School. The event was hosted by JIAO Fangxing (MBA 2008), secretary general of Tsinghua SEM Alumni Association, director of Alumni Development Center, Assistant Dean of the School and Director of the Dean's Office.


The event started with Tsinghua SEM members from all over the world expressing love and wishes to the School through video clips. Dean BAI then made a report on the School’s current state to the alumni, comprehensively introducing its development and highlights in the past year in terms of personnel training, discipline construction and scientific research, faculty development, the Advisory Board and its activities, alumni work, Shenzhen branch of the School and new buildings construction, as well as the School’s current operation in terms of epidemic prevention and control, online teaching, online working, etc.


Dean BAI illustrated staged achievements of the School in promoting educational reform and innovation with various data evidences. He also introduced the 20th series of activities held by Tsinghua SEM Advisory Board in October 2019, and shared a letter from former Dean ZHU Rongji to members of the Advisory Board. When introducing the School’s new branch in Shenzhen, BAI showed the location of the campus as well as current preparations and future plans for it to the alumni.


In the end, BAI sorted out the activities and measures organized by the Alumni Association and alumni in the past year, during which the association has gradually formed an alumni working system with school characteristics by establishing a mature alumni organization and continuously strengthening the construction of the alumni association system. Six alumni, including Hu Jian (Undergraduate of 1983), GUO Ningning (Undergraduate of 1987/ MD of 1992/ PhD of 1997), XU Jin (Undergraduate of 1990/ MD of 1995), ZHAO Zhen (EMBA 2002), GUO Shaozeng (EMBA 2010) and NI Weidong (EMBA 2011), won the “Outstanding Contribution Award for Alumni Work of Tsinghua SEM”. Therewith he specially introduced the contributions and donations made by the Alumni Association and alumni during the epidemic, and expressed his sincere gratitude to their efforts in supporting the frontline against the epidemic, shouldering social responsibilities bravely and helping graduates find jobs.


To share the progress of construction of the new school buildings, LI Jizhen first reviewed the construction process from the commencement ceremony to the capping of the main structure by a short video, and showed the design concept roundly by interior design effect pictures. Then he announced to all alumni the donation plan for “Building Dreams for New SEM Homes" on behalf of the School. In order to better integrate the school’s cultural connotation into the new building and make it a tight emotional bond among alumni, the School has set up a special fund for the construction of the new building, which will officially be raised from April 28, 2020, and is only open to alumni and faculty of Tsinghua SEM.


Later, JIAO Fangxing introduced an upgraded plan of the alumni mentor program for undergraduates to alumni and sent them invitation to recruit mentors for the program. Since this year, alumni mentors will form mentor groups, guiding students' all-round development through group-to-class form since their sophomore year and helping them gain a deeper understanding of society. In the end of the event, JIAO also introduced to the alumni the colorful activities forming the cloud celebration this year, and expressed his hope that everyone would reunion on Tsinghua campus after the epidemic.


The School holds “The Dean Presents the School State to Alumni” every year during the home-coming days, so as to foster communication between the School and alumni and to better unite all the Tsinghua SEM alumni. Although alumni cannot be invited back to the campus this year, the School hoped to make them feel the warmth and strength of Tsinghua through online live broadcast. The epidemic has separated people thousands of miles apart, but the "Cloud School Celebration" brought people’s heart closer. The live broadcast has attracted heated discussion and many alumni said that the online event had brought them closer to each other and they were proud of the School’s rapid development.


With over 6,000 alumni watched the live broadcast online, the event lasted for nearly two hours.