Tsinghua SEM and Siemens jointly launched “Tsinghua-Siemens Digital Transformation Leadership Program”

On April 26, 2020, Tsinghua SEM and Siemens has officially launched the “Tsinghua-Siemens Digital Transformation Leadership Program”, which provides training lessons for entrepreneurs with the aim to help Chinese industrial enterprises seize opportunities and gain an insight into the future in the tide of digital economy. The project will base on Tsinghua SEM’s cutting-edge management ideology and theoretical system as well as Siemens' leading practice in the field of digitalization for more than a century, in order to cultivate outstanding leaders with grand vision, strategic thinking and innovation ability, and who can lead enterprises to reshape the path of enterprise value creation through digital transformation.


Professor LI Jizhen, Associate Dean of Tsinghua SEM, stated that, “on the occasion of Tsinghua’s 109th anniversary, Siemens and our School has jointly launched the ‘Tsinghua-Siemens Digital Transformation Leadership Program’. Tsinghua SEM has an outstanding faculty, distinguished theoretical research and advanced digital teaching ecosystem and we aim to cultivate excellent company leaders. This cooperation with Siemens, a leading digital company, is of great significance for accelerating the digital transformation and upgrading of Chinese industrial enterprises in the background of new infrastructure. This executive education program will combine China and Germany’s advantages, help Chinese entrepreneurs establish systematic digital transformation thinking with innovative education mode, explore how data becomes a factor of production with joint effort, share the logic and methodology behind the digital transformation of enterprises, and bring leapfrog development of Chinese enterprises."


 “In today's digital age, leading a successful business will encounter many unknown challenges, which requires entrepreneurs to spend much time and energy. We have realized deeply that standing at the crossroads of transformation, entrepreneurs often need to focus more on leadership improvement and personal development,” Dr. ZHU Xiaoxun, executive vice president of Siemens (China) and general manager of its internet of things service division, said that “the lessons for enterprise leaders offered by Tsinghua SEM and Siemens jointly is a transformative learning experience, which combines prime industry resources on both sides, introduces the model of digital transformation and is devoted to create the best immersive and experiential learning practice. Considering the characteristics of Chinese enterprises, the courses with help them explore the path of digital transformation and realize the goal of sustainable development.”


Aiming at “strategy & practice”, the courses will gather industry leaders from Siemens, reputed scholars from Tsinghua University and senior experts in the industry. The course content will be organized into six modules including grand vision and political and economic structure, digital transformation strategy, innovation in the digital age, digital operation management, digital organization management, and science, humanities and art. Through various forms such as thematic discussion, case analysis, industrial practice, experiential teaching and in-depth visits to German enterprises, the course will help entrepreneurs to understand the macro environment and trends of Chinese economy and industries in different fields and from various perspectives, share pioneering practical skills in digital industry, carry out front-line business practice and experience, and help enterprises explore the path of digital transformation. The course will cover a wide range of industries including energy, transportation, buildings, medical treatment, medicine, chemical industry, food and beverage, machinery manufacturing and relevant digital and intelligent service fields.