SEM Held 2012 Commencement

On July 2, 2012, SEM held the 2012 commencement in the University Gymnasium.
SEM Commencement 2012
There were altogether 1,500 people attending the ceremony, including the SEM faculty, 2012 graduates and their relatives or friends. There were also around 100 graduates who studied Economics as second degree. It was the first time for them to participate in the SEM commencement. Professor QIAN Yingyi, Dean of SEM, presided in the ceremony. Mr. LIU Chuanzhi, founder and honorary Chairman of Lenovo, President and Chairman of the executive board of Legend Holdings Ltd., founding member of the SEM advisory board was also invited to address the ceremony.
Professor QIAN Yingyi first introduced the graduates in 2012. In the summer 2012, there were 254 students who got bachelor degrees from SEM; 4 got the degrees in a prolonged study; 137 got bachelor degrees in Economics as second major; 6 graduated in Economics as minor. There were 137 master's graduates, 139 degree holders; 27 doctor graduates, 32 degree holders; 395 MBA graduates, 411 degree holders and 203 students who got EMBA degrees.
Six graduates representing bachelor, master, doctoral, MBA and EMBA students addressed the ceremony. XIANG Diya, graduate from Class Econ83 looked back on three "first times" during her 4 years' study in SEM: The first time to score only 70 in an exam, the first time to visit rural China and the first time to go abroad. This caused great consonants among bachelor graduates. YANG Yanxiang from Master in Economics entering in 2010 will be working in Tibet after graduation. Upon departure, he wrote a classic-styled speech to express his ambitions for future work and blessings for all graduates. DOU Yifan, representative of doctoral students recollected memories of the consideration and help from his advisor during his study at SEM and abroad.He said he would take his advisor as an example and try to become a model teacher. WANG Xiaodi from class P2 was an MBA graduate; she commented on her 3 years' study of pursuing MBA degree in her spare time with great humor and also expressed her emotional attachment to SEM. Her speech caused the most laughter and applause during the ceremony. JIANG Huaiyu from EMBA Class 2010F said emotionally that, EMBA in Tsinghua changed his life. He would always remember the education he got in Tsinghua, always care about the development of the university and always try to pay back. HE Yiou who graduated with Bachelor in Economics as the second major would soon become a doctoral student in MIT. She looked back on the double hardship studying economics besides her science major. At the time of graduation, all the pains seemed to have become pleasure in her heart.
Mr. LIU Chuanzhi has been a member of the SEM advisory board since its founding. This year he was invited to address the ceremony. His topic was "Learning is a lifestyle", in which he used the case of Lenovo purchasing IBM PC to analyze the ups and downs, achievements and reasons for success in the way that Lenovo went global. He explained the classical management wisdom of "making strategy, forming management, leading teams and setting up core corporate value". He concluded that all the graduates should learn from practice after graduation, which was called terminologically "replaying" in Lenovo. This was a very useful learning process. Studying in the university was a way of learning, so was learning from examples. But it was more important to learn from your own practices and your own lessons drawn from success or failure. At last Mr. LIU Chuanzhi encouraged the graduates with the following words: SEM of Tsinghua University sets its goal as "create knowledge and cultivate leaders for China and the world". It is clear and concise. Tsinghua University is a great University, and SEM is a great School. You have finished your studies and will begin a new journey. I believe that you all will become backbones of our nation and contribute to the development of China.
 Mr. LIU Chuanazhi delivers commencement speech
Following Mr. LIU's speech, Professor QIAN Yingyi said: Today, you all graduate from SEM. Perhaps some of you think it's time to say goodbye to learning. It is fortunate that you have just heard the speech of Mr. LIU Chuanzhi, which is worth remembering for your whole life. We should learn not only at school, but also at work, and in our whole life, because learning is a lifestyle.
Dean QIAN Yingyi takes photos with each graduate
After the commencement Professor QIAN Yingyi took pictures with nearly a thousand graduates. There was also Microblog (weibo) interaction during the ceremony.