Tsinghua Net Impact Members Attend United Nations Global Compact Youth CSR Conference

With the help of Professor QIAN Xiaojun, three Tsinghua Net impact members, YAN Yunyun, LI Jinshen, ZHENG Ji, together with six students from other top-notch universities in China, were invited by United Nations Global Compact Korea Network to participate in United Nations Global Compact Youth CSR Conference in Seoul, Korea on August 13 and 14, 2012. More than 40 representatives from China, Japan and South Korea attended the conference, with an aim of enhancing the awareness and actions of young students in corporate social responsibility (CSR), and discussed the role of young students and their practices in CSR as well as its sustainable development.
Tsinghua Net Impact Members
The conference consisted of two parts. The first was Panel Discussion. The students from China, Japan, and Korea were divided into five groups on five different topics which were Changing CSR Landscape in East Asia and the Future Direction of Trilateral Cooperation, Rio+20 and Promoting the Green Economy, The Way to Build an Inclusive Market Economy for a Better World, Corporate Value Promotion through Anti-Corruption and Innovation of Social Enterprises and the Way to Go Forward. All the students actively participated in the discussion and exchanged the understanding of status on CSR and its practical experience in each country. The three Tsinghua Net impact members, on behalf of their group, delivered the viewpoints on these topics. The second part was Korean Youth CSR Conference. Entrepreneurs and executives from Korean corporations, outstanding entrepreneurs from Korean social enterprises, student leaders from China, Japan and Korea, and thousands of Korea students attended the meeting and discussed issues, including Avocation – activities that one engages as a hobby outside one’s main occupation, role of CSR in enhancing the value of the company, the practice of social innovation young students in promoting CSR, etc. LI Jinshen and ZHENG Ji were interviewed by Korean media after the conference and offered their thoughts on the role of youth in CSR and takeaways from the meeting.
A successful conclusion of the United Nations Global Compact Youth CSR Conference is the beginning of a new phase for student leaders from each country. The students, from China, Japan and Korea, enhanced their friendship, expanded their horizons and deepened their understandings via the communication, exchange and discussion with each other. As the most innovative group and future leaders, the students will play a more active role in promoting CSR, sustainable development, social innovation, etc. in the near future.