Tsinghua SEM-McKinsey Global Leadership Course to Begin

Tsinghua SEM will launch “McKinsey Global Leadership Course” in 2012 autumn semester for its undergraduate, graduate and MBA students. In this course, globally renowned business leaders will be invited to lecture on best management practices, discuss the trend of international enterprises, and inspire the students to improve management skills and leadership. Dominic Barton, chairman and global CEO of McKinsey, will be the first lecturer to open the course on Sept. 11th.


This course is co-hosted, organized and designed by McKinsey, a leading international consulting company, and Tsinghua SEM. Business leaders around the world will be invited to join the class and impart the essence of leadership and management practice to the students. The course covers major aspects of corporations, including strategy, operation, organization, finance, marketing, information, technology, sustainability, macroeconomics and so on. The course will be run in the form of lectures combined with interactions. The goal is to improve the leadership of the students in change, innovation and crisis management, through direct contact with business leaders around the world.


The course consists of 8 lectures. Lecturers are: Dominic Barton, chairman and global CEO of McKinsey; Tom Albanese, CEO of Rio Tinto; Mark Wiseman, CEO of CPPIB; Doug McMillon, CEO of Walmart international business; Michael Spence, Nobel Laureates in Economics and so on. In addition, every lecture will be joined by an experienced and insightful McKinsey global managing director. Through discussions with lecturers on specific topics, students will get a rare opportunity to reexamine their understanding of leadership, and learn to think critically.