Co-founder of Boston Scientific John Abele Praises Tsinghua x-lab

On September 17, 2014, Mr. John Abele, the co-founder of Boston Scientific, and Dr. Randy Schiestl, Vice President of Research and Development, led by Executive Associate Dean LU Bai of Tsinghua’s School of Medicine, visited the Tsinghua x-lab workspace at TUSPark. Tsinghua x-lab Director ZHANG Wei and Deputy Executive Director HUANG Li accompanied the visit.    

Tsinghua x-lab Director ZHANG Wei introducing the operations of Tsingh x-lab to John Abele
Professor ZHANG Wei expressed his welcome to Professor LU Bai, Mr. John Abele and their group. After introducing the thought behind establishing Tsinghua x-lab, as well as its achievements to date, Professor ZHANG Wei further explained that students come to Tsinghua x-lab normally only with a very early-stage ideas, usually without a complete team, and needing continuous nurturing to develop significantly through the x-lab’s platform of resources. 
Tsinghua x-lab has enjoyed substantial support and acceptance among its students, alumni and faculty. As of September 2014, Tsinghua x-lab has been a home to more than 330 new projects, with more than 290 projects still operational and 102 registered companies. Additionally, more than 20 projects have received cumulative investments of RMB 60 million.

So far, more than five thousand Tsinghua students and alumni have attended Tsinghua x-lab activities, including courses, seminars, workshops and other educational events. In May 2014, Tsinghua x-lab organized and hosted the first Tsinghua President’s Innovation Challenge following four qualifying rounds of competition. The top ten teams were selected from among 125 teams in total to compete in the final. The champion, a start-up named “Neatrition” (based on a new cleaning technology) has since signed a cooperative agreement with BYD Company limited involving 10,000 cars.

During the visit, the project teams developing “ArkBand” (intelligent healthcare band) and “Shecare” (fertility tracker) introduced their projects and reviewed their current operations, market situation and vision for the future. Tsinghua MBA alumni ZHONG Hong also briefed the guests on the ‘Tsinghua x-lab Medical and Healthcare Innovation Center’ which is still under development.

group photo
Nowadays, the cross-development of healthcare, the internet and digitalization creates new opportunities for research, innovation and transformation. Following the project teams’ presentations, Mr. John Abele, Dr. Randy Schiestl and Professor LU Bai complimented the teams for their great efforts and diligence in the medical and healthcare fields. 

Professor LU Bai highly praised the achievements of Tsinghua x-lab in fostering students’ creativity and cultivating interdisciplinary and experiential learning, and said that he would enhance in-depth cooperation between the School of Medicine and Tsinghua x-lab. Mr. John Abele specifically reminded x-lab students of the importance of competitor analysis in addition to developing excellent products and technology. He also advised that they should learn to transform customers into partners over time. Moreover, he spoke highly of the innovative way that Tsinghua x-lab cultivates talents in innovation and entrepreneurship and is committed to creating more opportunities for x-lab students.

【About Boston Scientific】
Boston Scientific was co-founded by John Abele and Peter Nicholas in June 1979, USA, and went public in May 1992. It is a leading innovator of medical solutions that improve the health of patients around the world. Their products and technologies are used to diagnose or treat a wide range of medical conditions, including heart, digestive, pulmonary, vascular, urological, women's health, and chronic pain conditions. It continues to innovate in these areas and is extending its innovations into new geographies and high-growth adjacency markets. It is dedicated to transforming lives through innovative medical solutions that improve the health of patients around the world.