Heribert Karch, Dirk Jargstorff and Michael Schütze: Development and Reform of Enterprise Annuity in German 

【Speaker 1】Heribert Karch, General manager of MetallRente; Chairman of German Association for Occupational Pensions
Mr. Karch has been serving as General manager of MetallRente since its inception in 2001. MetallRente is jointly founded by the Industrial Union of Metalworkers' (IG Metall) and Employers’ Association of Metal and Electrical Industries (Gesamtmetall), aiming to provide corporate pension products covering the second and third pillars, as well as care and disability insurance. At present, 40,000 companies have chosen MetallRente, including Volkswagen, Porsche, Daimler, Miele, etc., making it the largest pension fund in Germany.
Mr. Karch has also been chairman of German Association for Occupational Pensions (aba).
【Speaker 2】Dirk Jargstorff, Head of Pensions and Related Benefits of  Robert Bosch GmbH
Mr. Jargstorff serves as Head of Pensions and Related Benefits of Robert Bosch GmbH. Company founder Robert Bosch launched the first pension plan for associates in 1929. When it was set up in 2002, the Bosch pension fund was the first pension fund in an industrial company in Germany and is an independent institution that is separate from the company. For each associate, Bosch funds a pension account with employer contributions, bearing all the related costs. Associates can add to their pension account by making voluntary contributions. The account balance increases in line with the investment performance of the “Bosch Pensionsfonds”. On retirement, associates can choose from a number of flexible options for collecting their company pension. With 120,000 active associates with pension account, Bosch funds is now managing assets of EUR 3.3 billion, achieving 6.1% p.a. investment return since inception.
【Speaker 3】Michael Schütze, Managing Director of Allianz Corporate Pension Advisors, Allianz Global Investors GmbH
Mr. Michael Schütze successively served as Head of Pension Investment Advisory, Head of Allianz Corporate Pension Advisors, Head of Corporate Clients in the last dozen years. With rich experience in pension investment management, he serves multiple clients like MetallRente and Bosch.
【Topic】Development and Reform of Enterprise Annuity in German 
【Time】13:30-15:00/15:30, September 19, 2018, Wednesday
【Venue】Room 513, Weilun Building, Tsinghua SEM
【Organizer】China Center for Insurance and Risk Management (CCIRM); Department of Finance; Department of Economic.