HE Ping, Professor, Department of Finance, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University: Economic Growth of China and Reglobalization


China is an important force for globalization for the past 40 years, and has experienced rapid economic development. The old framework of international monetary system and global division of labor faces a great pressure for changes, and so does China's economic structure and financial system.

How to interpret China's policies in the process of reglobalization and seize opportunities?

How will the economic relations between China and other countries develop in the future?

Will the global monetary system be restructured in the process of reglobalization?


At 19:00-21:00 Beijing time of September 15, Prof. He Ping, Chair and Professor of Tsinghua SEM will deliver the online lecture themed "Economic Growth of China and Reglobalization". Please scan the QR code in the poster to register.