Academic Research

Research is vital to the School, keeping both the faculty and students at the cutting edge of knowledge development. Throughout our history of over twenty years, Tsinghua SEM has been working to build stronger scholarship. Research is conducted in two broad disciplines, economics and management. Based on academic and economic priorities, as well as teaching and research, the School has also actively pursued applied research in areas relevant to the government and corporate sectors. Excellent research capability has made SEM one of the leading business schools in the nation.

First-tier Disciplines

• Management Science and Engineering

• Business Administration

• Theoretical Economics

• Applied Economics

National Priority Disciplines

• Management Science and Engineering (first-tier)

• Business Administration (first-tier)

• Econometrics (second-tier)

Research Projects

As of November 2010, Tsinghua SEM had undertaken 226 studies funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and over 400 longitudinal studies for a variety of national ministries and commissions. Tsinghua SEM had led one major project under the National Natural Science Foundation, one major project under the National Social Science Fund, and also assisted in one study under the Fund for Creative Research Group, six under the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars.

During the past few years:

• National Natural Science Foundation: Average over 15 projects per year

• National Social Science Fund: Average 2 projects per year

• National Strategic and Soft Sciences Projects: Average 5 projects per year

National Research Centers

National Philosophy and Social Sciences Innovation Base

• Research Base for Contemporary Management and Technological Innovation

Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences at Universities

• Research Center for Contemporary Management

• Research Center for Technological Innovation


Papers: Average over 300 per year

Books: Average over 50 per year