The School has four well-equipped laboratories, which provide abundant support for research and teaching activities:

Laboratory of Behavior and Communication

Established in May 2005 by the School, the lab has an area of 70sqm consisting of an experiment room of 40 sqm and an adjacent observation room of 30sqm. It fulfills functions of audio/video recording, editing as well as viewing/listening. As an advanced and pioneer lab of such type among all Chinese business schools, it serves the School with twofold purposes: supporting academic research and facilitating teaching activities. Take MBA managerial communication course as an example: students may use the lab to make business presentations with their performance videotaped. They may scrutinize their own performance after their presentations, and hence make concrete plan of improvement.  

Management Information System Laboratory

This laboratory is open for all undergraduate, graduate and MBA students, and executive education participants to study of various computer languages and software, and acquire latest scientific and technological results. The laboratory is also open for experimental teaching sessions in courses and offers supports for the School’s academic projects.