Li, Hongbin

C.V. Starr Chair Professor, Department of Economics

Curriculum Vitae

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Office               227H Shunde Building
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C.V. Starr Professor of Economics at the School of Economics and Management SEM, Tsinghua University, and the executive associate director of the China Data Center of Tsinghua University as well. He earned his Bachelor degree from China Agricultural University in 1993 and received his Ph.D. degree from Stanford University in 2001. Before joining Tsinghua in 2007, he was professor in the economics department at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Professor Li was selected the Cheung Kong Scholar by the Ministry of Education of China in 2009 and received the Distinguished Young Scholar Grant from the National Science Foundation of China in 2010. He won the First Prize on International Essay Competition on the “Income Distribution and Poverty in China” by the World Institute for Development Economics Research in April 2005. He received the Koret Award/Fellowship from 1995 to 1998 as well as the Provost Fellowship in the summer 1996 both from Stanford University.

Professor Li currently teaches “Advanced Micro-Econometrics”, “Development Economics”, “Honors Program-Academic Track”, and “Freshmen Seminar”.

Professor Li has published extensively in leading economics journals such as JPE, EJ, ReStat, JoLE, JPubE, JDE, JHR and etc. He has received many research grants funded by the National Science Foundation of China, Research Grants Council of Hong Kong and etc.

Professor Li has served on the editorial board of Journal of Comparative Economics and China Economic Review, as well as on the editorial advisory board of China Agricultural Economic Review.  He is a research fellow of IZA in Germany and a senior research fellow of J. Mirrlees Institute of Economic Policy Research. He was the associate director of the Center for Economics and Finance at the Chinese University of Hong Kong from 2006 to 2007. 

Journal Papers (International)

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