Liu, Angela Xia

Associate Professor, Department of Marketing

Curriculum Vitae

Phone             (86) (10) 62791254
Office            353 Weilun Building
Office Hours   Wed.  13:00-15:00 ( from the 8th Week of 2017 Autumn Term )

Angela Xia Liu, Associate professor of Marketing at Tsinghua Unviersity, got her Ph.D of business administration (minor in Economics) from Syracuse University in 2010. She also got a M.S. in Statistics, a M.S. in Education, and a M.A. in Philosophy. She visited as a research scholar at several top business schools such as Sloan School of Management at MIT and Tepper School of Management at Carnegie Mellon University. In SEM, she teaches Marketing Models at Ph.D. level and Advertising Management, Marketing Reserach at MBA and undergraduate level.

Professor Liu's research interests include quantitative marketing models, new product diffusion, entertainment marketing, branding and brand management, advertising and marketing-finance interface. She has published on serveral distinguished international peer review journals such as Management Science, Jounal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, Marketing Letters, and Information Systems and e-Business Management.

At present, she is a member of American Marketing Association (AMA) and INFORMS.





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