Tsinghua SEM Commencement 2011 Held for All Degree Programs

On the morning of June 27, 2011, Tsinghua SEM Commencement 2011 was held at the Gymnasium of Tsinghua University. More than 1,000 participants attended the ceremony, including graduates for all degree programs, SEM faculty and staff, graduates’ family members and friends.
Tsinghua SEM Dean QIAN Yingyi presided over the event. According to the statistics, 221 undergraduates, 133 master’s students, 371 MBA students, 176 EMBA students and 24 Ph.D. students graduated from SEM in 2011.
Dean QIAN Yingyi hosts the ceremony
Five graduate representatives were invited to deliver valedictory addresses in the ceremony. They are SUN Chang (undergraduate), TENG Fei (master’s), LIU Jin (MBA), ZHU Zhengdong (EMBA) and DENG Yihong (Ph.D.). They recollected their life and study in Tsinghua SEM, expressed their gratitude towards professors and classmates and expected a promising future.
According to SUN Chang, two important things he has learnt at SEM are the ability of critical thinking, and the determination to apply his knowledge and thoughts to broader issues such as social development, responsibility and people’s livelihood in China.
Professor WU Jinglian delivers a speech
Starting from last year, at each annual commencement, SEM would invite one guest speaker to talk with students. This year, WU Jinglian, distinguished economist and Adjunct Professor of SEM, was invited to deliver a speech at the commencement ceremony.
Graduates at the ceremony
In his speech themed “After Graduation”, Professor Wu first reflected on his personal experience after his college graduation more than 50 years ago. He encouraged the students to keep faith in themselves and adhere to truth and code of ethics rather than doctrine, to foster critical and analytical thinking abilities rather than parroting and bandwagoning, and to make constant self-enhancement to pursue their life goals.
Professor Wu then briefly reviewed China’s economic achievements in the past 30 years. “If the current success of China’s economic development stemmed from planned to market economy reform, then to a great extent, the future success would be determined and driven by a reform from government-led market economy towards a market economy based on the rule of law. This transition, along with its relevant social transformation, has no existing example to follow. This is one of the fundamental problems facing the future of our country, which in the end needs to be resolved by us,” Professor Wu pointed out.
Dean QIAN Yingyi takes photo with each graduate
Following the speech, SEM Dean QIAN Yingyi took photos with each graduate individually. In addition, a SMS channel was opened for the audience, who sent text messages to be displayed on the big screen, expressing their joy and gratitude upon graduation.