Opening Ceremony of 2012 Tsinghua University Summer Camp Held for Prospective Master of Finance Students

On July 5, the opening ceremony of 2012 Tsinghua University summer camp was held for prospective master of finance students in WeiLun auditorium of SEM. QIAN Yingyi, Dean of SEM; BAI Chong-en, Associate dean of SEM; WU Xiaoling, Dean of PBC School of Finance; LIAO Li, Executive Associate Dean of PBC School of Finance; KANG Yitong, Associate Dean of PBC School of Finance; KANG Feiyu, Dean of Graduate School at Shenzhen and more than 300 participants from higher learning institutions nationwide attended the ceremony. It was hosted by LI Jinliang—academic director of the master of finance program.
QIAN Yingyi, Dean of SEM
QIAN Yingyi, Dean of SEM, delivered an opening speech to welcome all the participants to the summer camp. He said, as an important part of recruitment of postgraduate students of finance, this program is held for the second time and aims at providing a learning platform for junior students in universities nationwide interested in entering the finance industry to interact with professionals in both academic and practical fields. This year’s summer camp is jointly organized by Tsinghua SEM and PBS School of Finance. The coalition reinforces the strength of the program which is a major event for Tsinghua University and China. The goal of master of finance in Tsinghua University is to cultivate high-level application-oriented finance professionals to be capable of serving in various kinds of financial enterprises and government supervision department and equip students with theoretical knowledge in economics and finance, frontier knowledge and skills and innovative spirit which will enable them to adapt to the volatile financial markets.
Dean QIAN Yingyi also introduced the status quo of the last year’s master’s students of finance. Having completed theie first year’s study, they are to go for overseas exchange programs and to do professional internship. About 30 students choose to study in world famous universities including the LSE, HEC and Zurich University for exchange programs or double degree studies. The companies the students are to go for internships include famous institutions from home and abroad.
WU Xiaoling, Dean of the PBS School of Finance
WU Xiaoling, Dean of the PBS School of Finance delivered a keynote speech with the theme of “benefiting the people and providing sound financial services in the process of socioeconomic development". She started by welcoming students to apply for master of finance in Tsinghua University—a high-end finance professional education platform co-established by SEM, PBS School of Finance and Graduate School at Shenzhen. Then she clarified the challenges faced by the finance industry in the context of the global monetary system. China, as the world's second largest economy, also faces severe challenges in its financial system, including the world economic structural imbalances, the slack fiscal discipline and the political games played different governments. In addition, fluctuations in exchange rate have spawned financial derivative products which might lead to financial crisis if they deviate from the real economy.
Professor WU Xiaoling concluded that the mission and responsibility of financial practitioners are as follows: firstly, to improve the monetary system and to provide stable monetary conditions for economic development; secondly, to improve the financial regulatory system and safeguard the interests of customers as well as to prevent systemic risk; finally, to improve the market operation rules and financial administrative mechanisms and to innovate financial instruments, to help the public to gain property income, manage risks and provide efficient financial services.
On the countdown of three, QIAN Yingyi, WU Xiaoling, KANG Feiyu, BAI Chong-en, LIAO Li and KANG Yitong jointly launched the crystal ball of the “Tsinghua University Master of Finance Program”. They also presented the camp flag to the program and took group photos with student representatives.
From left to right: BAI Chong-en, LIAO Li, QIAN Yingyi, WU Xiaoling, KANG Feiyu, KANG Yitong
Group photo
This camp will last for four days. The camp consists of lectures on school’s history and various specialized subjects, seminars with elites in the finance sectors and campus tour as well as other activities. Students will be admitted via a highly competitive written test and interviews and enroll in August, 2013. They will study in SEM (Beijing and Shenzhen campus) or PBS School of Finance respectively.