2012 Summer Camp Launched for Prospective Postgraduate Students

On July 9, the opening ceremony of 2012 Summer Camp for Prospective Postgraduate Students was held at Weilun Auditorium in SEM. Professor BAI Chong-en and Professor GAO Jian - associate deans of SEM; Professor ZHU Yujie - director of the SEM Academic Office; Professor GAO Ming, Professor LUO Mei, Professor XIE Wei, Professor LU Lin, Professor LI Jizhen, Professor CHEN Guoquan, Professor WANG Kun and Professor HUANG Zhangkai - nine academic coordinators of postgraduate programs attended the opening ceremony. 400 outstanding third-year students and Ph.D. program applicants from higher learning institutions nationwide gained qualifications to gather at Tsinghua University to enter the camp. Professor ZHU Yujie presided over the opening ceremony.
Participants from nationwide attend the opening ceremony
At the outset, Professor ZHU YuJie made a brief introduction of the objectives and special features of SEM and the background of the summer camp program. He also extended warmest welcome to all the participants in the camp. He said, the number of applicants hit a record high this year and applicants were more competent than ever. He hoped that all the participants should make the best use of this opportunity in Tsinghua SEM and actively interact with professors and peers.
LIU Ting (Left), CHEN Huihui (Middle) and CHEN Zhe (Right) deliver speeches
Next, three former participants of the camp delivered speeches and shared their experiences in Tsinghua. CHEN Huihui, participant of the 2011 summer camp who would pursue her Ph.D. study in Marketing Department at SEM in August, depicted Tsinghua University as a place not only with yummy food, well-equipped apartments, comfortable library, poetic sceneries and engineering geek boys; but also with the best scholars, the best educational resources, the best dormitories and the best academic conferences and forums.
The second speaker was LIU Ting, a Ph.D. student in Economics at SEM who had undergraduate studies in Xiamen University. She shared her feelings and the changes she had undergone during her one-year stay in Tsinghua. As a southerner graduated from a university in South China, she had spent some stressful time adapting to this new environment. Despite the difficulties, the professors’ rigorous scholarship and attitudes, the valuable resources SEM offers and the enriched extracurricular activities made all the hard work worthwhile.
CHEN Zhe, a SEM graduate who was going to pursue further studies in Tsinghua MiM program also shared some thoughts about the camp. He suggested that students should have a clear objective and present their true self in order to fully enjoy their stay here. In his opinion, the professors would also favor those goal-oriented and honest students.
Subsequently, Professor BAI Chong-en presented an academic report entitled The Pattern of Income Distribution and Economic Structure. Using humorous language and detailed data, he explicitly analyzed the problems in the structure of GDP and the relationship between savings and the distribution of disposable income of the residents, enterprises and the government and the factors influencing residents’ disposable income. After explaining the causes of the changes in the proportion of laborers’ remuneration and relevant policies, he also put forward some countermeasures and suggestions. The students not only had the opportunity to appreciate the distinguished professor’s charisma and the charm of academic studies, but also gained a deeper understanding of the academic standard and level postgraduate students at SEM were expected to achieve.
Professor BAI Chong-en presents an academic report
Professor GAO Jian concluded the ceremony by introducing the 2013 Ph.D. Training Program of General Management for campers applying for the three Ph.D. programs: Technological Economy and Management, Enterprise Strategy and Policy, Human Resources and Organizational Behavior. The new training program will pay more attention to the study of basic theories and methodologies of management studies, to the theoretical and practice researches under the context of the integration of Eastern and Western culture and to every step of cultivation of talents and the objective of the program. A higher requirement is also put forward for students’ English proficiency. The new program aims to cultivate talents in the field of management who are able to do effective frontier theoretical research and teaching and also capable of doing independent scientific research.
Professor GAO Jian introduces the Ph.D. Program of General Management
Professor ZHU Yujie makes an Introduction of the Summer Camp
After the ceremony, campers will be divided into different groups according to the programs (Namely: Master Program of Economics, MiM Program, Master Program of Accounting, Ph.D. Program of Accounting, Ph.D. Program of Enterprise strategy and Policy, Ph.D. Program of Economics, Ph.D. Program of Finance, Ph.D. Program of Human Resources and Organizational Behavior, Ph.D. Program of Technological Economics and Management and Ph.D. Program of Marketing) they are applying for and begin a enriched four-day camp life. They are to promote the understanding of the SEM professors and their studies through face-to-face communication, seminars and discussions and also the academic atmosphere in SEM.
To better serve the participants in the camp, every camper has a student volunteer as his or her guide. These volunteers are of great help to the professors and students and have added charm to the program. The Summer Camp of Master and Ph.D. Program of Management Science and Engineering will be launched on July 12.