New SEM Postgraduate Students Eager to Open New Chapter in Life

Gratitude, Mission and Responsibilities … These are the common feelings expressed by new Tsinghua SEM postgraduate students at the inception of SEM postgraduate programs. All were excited about the prospect of beginning a new journey of academic pursuit or professional training at Tsinghua SEM.
Dean QIAN Yingyi, on behalf of the university faculty, speaks at the 2012 Tsinghua postgraduate opening ceremony
New SEM postgraduate students at the 2012 Tsinghua postgraduate opening ceremony
On August 24, at the Tsinghua University postgraduate opening ceremony, Dean QIAN Yingyi, spoke on behalf of all faculty of Tsinghua and elaborated on three wishes to the new students, namely dreams, thinking and integration, hoping that dreams will motivate their actions, thinking will accompany them throughout their whole life and integration of eastern and western wisdoms, social and natural sciences etc will make them excel.
At the SEM postgraduate opening ceremony, Associate Dean BAI Chong-en shared with the new masters and doctoral students challenges facing the world and Chinese economy and encouraged them to strive to find their own positions in meeting these challenges during their study at SEM.
Associate Dean BAI Chong-en delivers address to new SEM postgraduate students
At the opening ceremony of the MBA Programs, Dean QIAN Yingyi further discussed the notion of integration, manifested by such innovative curriculum designs as the MBA+X initiative, the Tsinghua Entrepreneurship Network and the brand new course titled Exploring Technology Frontiers at Tsinghua. He hoped that the new MBA students could leverage the unique advantage of SEM as a university-based business school.
SEM holds opening ceremony and orientation to welcome new Tsinghua MBA students
The new postgraduate cohort consists of 351 students distributed in the Ph.D. and masters programs whereas the new MBA cohort includes 455 students, among whom 43 are from overseas.