SEM Holds 2012 Freshmen Orientation

On September 2, 2012, the freshmen orientation of Tsinghua SEM was held in the Lecture Hall of Weilun Building. Professor QIAN Yingyi, Dean of SEM; Professor YANG Bin, Senior Associate Dean of SEM, Professor BAI Chong-en, Associate Dean of SEM, Professor JIAO Jie, Associate Dean of SEM; Professor HE Ping, team leader of student affairs; as well as coordinators, staff, and student instructors of the undergraduate program all took part in the orientation together with the new students. The school has attached great importance to this year’s freshmen orientation. The teachers who attended the activity outnumbered past years.
At the 2012 SEM Freshmen Orientation
At the orientation, Professor QIAN Yingyi spent a good two hours explaining to the freshmen 6 aspects including “University and the School”, “undergraduate program”, “school resources”, “integration between the School and the University”, “study methods”, and “life attitude”. Professor QIAN started with an introduction to the history and tradition of Tsinghua University, then looked back on the changes made to undergraduate education of SEM in the past and reforms in recent years, at last focused on the philosophy of undergraduate education of Tsinghua SEM, and described in detail the undergraduate program for 2012 freshmen. He said that this program has gone through years of modifications and perfections. There are 20 “liberal arts” courses and 8 “individual development” meatures, which are in line with the education philosophy of “combining general education with individual development”. Professor QIAN also introduced to the students various resources of the school, including student activities, seminars and internet applications. He emphasized that the most valuable resource in Tsinghua however, was faculty members and classmates. In terms of learning methods, Professor QIAN hoped that the students shouldn’t regard university as prolonged high school study. Beside doing exercises, students should read more and think more, and developing a learning ability is more important than acquiring knowledge. He also quoted Einstein and encouraged the students to be more curious, imaginative, independent and critical in their university life. As regard to life attitude, Professor QIAN used the story of Steve Jobs starting up his own business to advise the students to start their university life with an attitude of a beginner.
Dean QIAN Yingyi
At the end of his speech, Professor QIAN introduced the booklet First Class in the University to the freshmen. It was the first booklet compiled specifically for Tsinghua SEM freshmen. This recommended reading material is a collection of articles on research, learning, university and life, thoughts on the value of university and so on. Some are written by Tsinghua professors and masters including MEI Yiqi, WANG Guowei, and CHEN Yinke; the 2005 commencement speech in Stanford University by Steve Jobs and the 2011 commencement speech in Tsinghua SEM by WU Jinglian are also included; there are also many classic articles by world renowned scholars. Albert Einstein on university education is one example. The purpose of this recommended reading is to inspire more thoughts on university and future for students at the beginning of their university lives.
Professor YANG Bin
Professor BAI Chong-en
Professor BAI Chong-en introduced in his speech the overseas exchange programs; the graduate study recommendation policy and career directions after graduation. He pointed out that the goal of university study was different from that in high school, “you need to get prepared finding yourself and realizing yourself”, and adjust your attitude. Through the explanation of the relationship between value and cost, Professor BAI hoped that the students would be able to balance their interests and abilities, and get prepared for success and become a responsible citizen with principles. He especially emphasized academic ethics, and warned of the serious results of violation. He said a right attitude and goal was what every student should strive for.
Professor YANG Bin introduced the course Career Planning and Life Development. As an important measure of cultivating “individual development” of the students, from the autumn semester 2012, a series of lectures will be held for freshmen throughout the whole academic year. Outstanding alumni will be invited to talk about their life stories; industry experts will also lecture on different approaches of career development. Professor YANG Bin kept asking questions on the meaning of university, which led the attended students to deep thoughts. He hoped to share dreams and the way to realize these dreams with the students in this course, and also reminded the students to think critically on other’s life experiences and plan their own future from a bigger perspective.
Afterwards, Professor HE Ping, team leader of student affairs introduced the undergraduate student affairs and activities, and warm-heartedly listed several must-dos in university for students. Ms. YOU Hong, from the International Affairs Office, Ms. WEI Huihong, from the Career Development Center, and Ms. QIAO Rong, from the Alumni Affairs Office introduced the functions, resources and services provided by the three offices respectively. Four undergraduate academic program coordinators: Professor GUO Xunhua from Management Information System Department, Professor ZHANG Haiyan from Accounting Department, Professor ZHONG Xiaohan from the Economics Department and Professor ZHANG Lihong from the Finance Department introduced the course systems and the academic majors respectively. In the end, Professor ZHU Yujie, director of the Academic Affairs Office introduced relevant rules. Ms. ZHOU Guang answered questions about selective courses.