White, Steven

Associate Professor, Department of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy

Curriculum Vitae

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Dr. WHITE Steven is an Associate Professor of Department of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy in Tsinghua SEM. He received Bachelor in Zoology from Duke University in 1985, Master in Japanese Studies from International University of Japan in 1988, and PhD in Management from MIT. He teaches Management of Global Enterprises (MBA),International Management (EMBA),Strategic Management (MBA, EMBA),Strategic Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions (EMBA),Cross-Cultural Management (MBA, EMBA).

Dr. White Steven's Research Interests include Internationalization, Innovation, Strategy, Strategy Execution, M&A, Alliances. He has been principal investigator for two research projects Strategic management of inter-organizational cooperation: Coercive, transactional and collaborative modes and Emerging low-carbon industries: A regional and national comparative study of emerging low-carbon industries in the USA and China. He has published many papers on international Journals, as well as 25 cases. He authored or coauthored 8 books, such as Hong Kong’s venture capital system and the commercialization of new technology, Venture capital and the financing of China’s new technology firms, etc.

Dr. WHITE Steven used to work in Business Investment Planning Department of Sumitomo Corporation. He also has held teaching positions in several Universities, visiting Assistant Professor in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, assistant professor in Chinese University of Hong Kong as well as INSEAD, Associate Professor in China Europe International Business School. In Professional areas, he holds position in Academy of Management, Strategic Management Society, Academy of International Business Studies, International Association of Chinese Management Research, Asia Academy of Management.


Journal Papers (International)

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Shanghai Automotive and Ssangyong (A), (B) and (B) Covers the pre- and post-acquisition issues that Shanghai Automotive had to manage in its acquisition of a majority stake in South Korea’s Ssangyong Motors.   

IBM in China: Responding to Government's Social Initiatives Given the Chinese government’s recent emphasis on “harmonious society” and “modern socialist countryside”, what if any changes should IBM make in its business activities, organization or approach to corporate social responsibility?   

IBM in China: Designing a Stakeholder Assessment Team   

Lingyun Acquires GSB (A) & (B) Cathay Biotech and Degussa (A) Should a small Chinese biotech firm form an alliance with a large multinational chemical firm in order to exploit its proprietary and potentially disruptive technology?   

Müller: China-Bound? (A) & (B) Guenter Hahne & (C) Marc Schmidt A high-end, mid-sized German office furniture design and manufacturing firm must consider whether and, if so, what kind of entry into China would be appropriate for them   

Dynamic Strategic Alignment Summary of major strategy concepts and frameworks integrated around strategic alignment (among elements of a firm and with features of the environment) as the source of competitive advantage and performance.   

Strategic Analysis and Action Manual to be used in a strategy workshop for participants to identify critical strategic issues, generate options for addressing them, and propose a final recommendation.   

Assessing Cultural Fit Exercise in which partners assess each other’s cultural fit in the context of a proposed joint venture.   

Huawei & 3Com (A): Ren Zhengfei and (B): Bruce Clafin The heads of two partners in a joint venture must negotiate their response when one (Huawei) is sued by Cisco for patent infringement.   

China’s Auto Industry 2006 (Available) Describes the Chinese auto industry and major firms.   

Mitsubishi & Volvo: Managing Co-opetition in NedCar Describes how the firms structured their interaction to jointly design and produce their respective new small car models at a common facility in the Netherlands.   

Hammer Bank Group: Micro-view of a mega-merger Four actors’ perspectives and the difficulties involved in merging 3 global financial institutions, focusing on the finance operations in Hong Kong.   

CINCO (A): Challenging traditions and charting reform A regional office manager must begin to restructure a Chinese insurance company to meet post-WTO competition.   

CINCO (B): Turf wars A regional manager must balance competition and cooperation between subdivisions of a Chinese insurance firm.   

Nancheng (A): Gao Chenglu A local manager must explain to an expatriate Filipino CEO how local employees perceive his attempts to recreate the HQ organization’s corporate culture in their Chinese subsidiary.   

Nancheng (B): Interview with Tomas Arcenas Describes the personal and professional values of an expatriate Filipino CEO in China.   

Bank of Hong Kong (A): Refocusing branches The must transform its branches and personnel from transaction processing to sales, marketing and customer service centers.  
Bank of Hong Kong (B): Introducing Financial Service Executives Financial service executives are introduced into branches, but their role and conditions conflict with those of the existing customer service officers.   

HSBC: Migrating for value Operational and public relations challenges in relocating back-office operations from Hong Kong to Guangdong.   

Outblaze (A): Coming of Age in Hong Kong Founding, development and change in a successful internet service firm start-up in Hong Kong.   

Outblaze (B): International entrepreneurship Options for international expansion by a Hong Kong-based internet service firm.   

Broad Air Conditioning: Pressure on a pro-environment strategy in China Outside consultants must develop strategic options that will help the firm survive industry and market changes but also meet the CEO’s strong pro-environment priority.   

Cathay Biotech and Dr. Liu’s Journey Traces the career of the founder of a technologically innovative biotech firm by a Chinese returnee and the describes the challenge of building an internationally competitive firm based in China.   

Huawei’s Strategic Review: (A) Sam Park and (B) Zhang Min The resources and capabilities and practices that have enabled Huawei to develop into dominant competitor in China may not be appropriate for its ambitions to become a truly global competitor.   


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