Yang, Zhishu

Professor of the Department of Finance

Chair of the Department of Finance

Curriculum Vitae

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Office                540 Weilun Building
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Journal Papers (International)

Winnie Peng, K.C. John Wei and Zhishu Yang, 2011, “Tunneling or Propping: Evidence from Connected Transaction in China”, Journal of Corporate Finance, 17, 306-325.   

Warren Bailey, Victor Wei Huang, and Zhishu Yang, 2010, “Bank Loans with Chinese Characteristics: Some Evidence on Inside Debt in a State-Controlled Banking System”, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, forthcoming.   

Jingyun Ma, Fengming Song, Zhishu Yang, 2010, "The dual role of the government: securities market regulation in China 1980-2007", Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance, Vol. 18 Iss: 2, pp.158 – 177.   

Kuan-Pin Lin, Albert Menkveld and Zhishu Yang, 2009, "Chinese and the World Equity Markets: A Review of Volatilities and Correlations in the First Fifteen Years”, China Economic Review, 20, 29-45.   

Kalok Chan, Albert Menkveld and Zhishu Yang, 2008, “Information Asymmetry and Asset Prices: Evidence from the China Foreign Share Discount”, Journal of Finance 63, 159-196.   

Kalok Chan, Albert Menkveld and Zhishu Yang, 2007, “The informativeness of domestic and foreign investors’ stock trades: Evidence from the perfectly segmented Chinese market”, Journal of Financial Markets 10, 391-415. 
Working papers

Jun “QJ” Qian, Philip E. Strahan, and Zhishu Yang, 2010, “The Impact of Organization and Incentive Structures on Soft Information: Evidence from Bank Lending”, Working paper.   

Kalok Chan, Huang Wan Kot and Zhishu Yang, 2009, “Short-sale constraints and A-H shares premiums”, Working paper.
Kalok Chan, Baolian Wang and Zhishu Yang, 2009, “Why Investors Do not Buy Cheaper Securities? An Analysis of Trading by Individual Investors in Chinese Stock Market”, Working paper.   

Andreas Krause, K.C. John Wei and Zhishu Yang, 2007, “Disposition Effect and Reverse Disposition Effect: A New Measure and Evidence”, Working paper.