Tsinghua EMBA representatives at NPC and CPPCC Come back to SEM

On March 7, more than 20 Tsinghua EMBA representatives attending Liang Hui (the Annual Meetings of NPC and CPPCC) came back to SEM to continue the tradition of annual gathering started since 2006 and discussed issues about the national economy and politics as well as the development of the School.  This year witnessed a big increase in the number of Liang Hui representatives selected from Tsinghua EMBA alumni and students. Compared with 29 last year,  43 attended Liang Hui  this year, among whom 31 are NPC members and 12 are CPPCC members. In addition, 3 faculty from SEM, QIAN Yingyi, BAI Cong-en, LI Daokui  were also selected as CPPCC members.

Dean QIAN Yingyi


Dean QIAN Yingyi welcomed the representatives and felt pleased that they are playing an increasingly active role of social responsibility by giving advice to relevant government organizations. He also warmly invited the attendees to come back again in April 2014 to celebrate the School’s 30th anniversary.

At the Meeting


At the gathering, several attendees shared proposals and initiatives they submitted to the current sessions of NPC and CPPCC and had heated discussions on topics regarding energy, environment protection, civil aviation, manufacturing, agriculture and education etc. 

Group Photo