Tsinghua MBA Alumni Reunion Held in Seoul

Following months of communication and preparations, the reunion of Tsinghua MBA Korean alumni was held in Seoul on the afternoon of March 31, 2013. The event attracted nearly 30 Korean alumni who graduated from Tsinghua MBA Programs over the recent decade. Organized by International Affairs Office of Tsinghua MBA Programs, the alumni reunion invited Professor LI Jinliang, also associate dean of Tsinghua SEM, and Dr. DI Ruipeng, assistant dean of Tsinghua SEM. Ms. JIAO Fangxing (MBA 2008I), Director of SEM Dean’s Office, and Ms. WANG Wen (MBA 2008I), Director of SEM HR Office, also participated in the event as Tsinghua MBA alumni.


Nearly 30 Korean Alumni Participated in the Reunion in Seoul

Professor LI Jinliang made a keynote speech themed “Challenges to the Chinese Economy: New Leadership” for the alumni. The speech’s content, together with Professor LI Jinliang’s rigorous and interesting way of presentation impressed the alumni present at the event. Following his speech, the alumni actively interacted with Professor LI.


Professor LI Jinliang made a keynote speech for the Korean alumni


Dr. DI Ruipeng had discussions with alumni


The alumni interaction session that followed brought the alumni reunion into another climax as the alumni volunteered to make their self-introductions. Besides expressing gratitude for the school’s efforts in organizing the event in Seoul, the alumni called for regular gatherings as well as extended communication and sharing among the Tsinghua MBA alumni in Korea across different classes. CHOI Yuri and LEE Jeawon, from the Tsinghua IMBA cohort admitted in 2008, tied their knot in Tsinghua and expect the birth of their baby in May. When the couple shared the good news with the alumni present, everybody couldn’t help applauding to share their happiness.

Students from Korea have always been an indispensable component of Tsinghua MBA programs. The Tsinghua MBA Alumni Reunion in Seoul not only strengthened the connections between the Korean alumni and the School as well as the programs, but also effectively facilitated the communication among the Korean alumni themselves, delivering multiple benefits. A current Tsinghua international MBA student who participated in the reunion commented in an email to the international office: “I feel proud of having such excellent alumni and expect to become one of them soon!”


Tsinghua MBA Korean Alumni Enjoy Reunion in Seoul