Tsinghua SEM 2013 Hong Kong Alumni Day Celebrated

 On the afternoon of May 25, Hong Kong Alumni Day of School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University (Tsinghua SEM) was celebrated in Cyberport, following celebrations in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Hangzhou. It is the first of its kind held outside Mainland China. The event attracted more than 300 alumni from Hong Kong Tsinghua Alumni Association, SEM Alumni Association, MBA Alumni Association, and EMBA alumni in Hong Kong. QIAN Yingyi (Dean of Tsinghua SEM) and YANG Bin (Senior Associate Dean) attended the event together with BAI Chongen (Associate Dean), GAO Jian (Associate Dean), Li Jinliang (Associate Dean), JIAO Jie (Deputy Secretary of Party Committee), CHENG Jiahui (representative of retired faculty), PAN Qingzhong (Director of SEM Cooperation and Development Office), JIA Li (Associate Director of Tsinghua EMBA Programs), LIU Yanxin (Executive Associate Director of SEM Executive Education Center), XIE Qihong (Associate Director of SEM Executive Education Center), TIAN Xiaoguo (Associate Director of SEM Executive Education Center), and YU Honglei (Director of MBA Education Center Alumni Development Department). It was hosted by YANG Bin, and WU Kexuan (Bachelor 2002/Master 2006, a host of Phoenix TV). 

Dean QIAN Yingyi delivered a state of the School report. His report covers seven aspects: reform of undergraduate education, innovative development plan of EMBA projects, strategy on integration with universities, reform of personnel system for faculty, annual events of Tsinghua SEM, three-year strategic planning of SEM and celebration of the 30th anniversary of SEM in 2014. He summarized major reforms in the past years and future work of the school. 
Dean QING Yingyi
Professor YANG Bin
Dean QIAN explained, reform of the undergraduate education covers general education, individual development and internationalization and now has been highlighted and ratified after several years' progress. The year 2012 was the 10th anniversary of EMBA Program of SEM, which prepared "the innovative development plan of EMBA projects" to initiate innovation in teaching media and curricular system. SEM, relying on unique strength of "university-based business school", originated the "MBA+X" dual-degree project, under which, the second bachelor degree for the management and business administration majors will be opened. In 2012, SEM held forums on "stepping in the business school" and "going beyond the business school" and strengthened exchange with other schools/departments in Tsinghua University. He also introduced the "x-lab" project launched a month ago. This project is sponsored by Tsinghua SEM and supported by 11 faculties of Tsinghua University. This project is a platform for cultivating and discovering talents with originality, innovative spirit and entrepreneurship. This project per se is an important innovation in education. Also, SEM's reform in personnel system for faculty is leading in the university or even nation-wide and is ratified widely, which made SEM a pilot unit for deepening reform of personnel system in schools. The reform will be advanced orderly and steadily. Dean QIAN also displayed in pictures such annual events of SEM as the homecoming parade on the anniversary, graduation ceremony of SEM, Global Management Forum of Tsinghua, the advisory board meeting and New Year’s parties. The three-year strategic planning (2013-2015) of SEM has been finished after a half year's efforts of people concerned. This planning will make breakthroughs in six aspects namely, fostering masters, constructing buildings, carrying out reform in the doctoral program, global initiative, quickening development of the economics disciplines, and integrating management disciplines with other courses in the university. Dean QIAN's comprehensive and lively report has attracted the attention of every person present.

At the end of his report, Dean QIAN Yingyi invited alumni to return to SEM for its 30th anniversary, which will happen on April 26, 2014, with 336 days to come. He welcomed everybody to get together again in one year. He also played the promotional video.

Later came the inaugural ceremonies of Tsinghua SEM Hong Kong Alumni Association & MBA Hong Kong Alumni Association, and the awarding ceremony of EMBA Hong Kong-Macau Chapter. Dean QIAN unveiled the plate for both associations with WANG Tianyi (Master 1985/ PHD 1995, GM of China Ever-bright International Limited), Chairman of Tsinghua SEM Hong Kong Alumni Association and CHEN Dong (MBA1995, CEO of China Life Franklin Asset Management Co., Limited), Chairman of Tsinghua SEM MBA Hong Kong Alumni Association, respectively, marking the establishment of the two associations. Later, QIAN awarded plate for EMBA Hong Kong-Macau Chapter founded in 2009. This moment was witnessed by representatives from SEM Alumni Associations all over China. Then, WANG Tianyi, CHEN Dong and CHEN James (EMBA2008, Executive Director of Pacific Century Premium Developments Limited) made brief speeches on behalf of their respective alumni associations.
On the Meeting
YAN Feng (enrolled in 1985 with Environment Department of Tsinghua University, Chairman & Administrative President of Guotai Jun’an International Holdings Limited), Chairman of Hong Kong Tsinghua Homecoming congratulated on establishment of SEM Alumni Association and MBA Hong Kong Alumni Association. He welcomed more alumni to work and live in Hong Kong. He also introduced major activities of Hong Kong Tsinghua Homecoming. YAN also talked about how he was connected with Tsinghua SEM. He wished the Hong Kong Alumni Day a success and expected to take part in the 30th anniversary of Tsinghua SEM in 2014.
Free Communication 
Afterwards, representatives of alumni in Hong Kong including LI Shan (Bachelor 1981, President of Taoshi Private Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd. ), WANG Tianyi, GUO Ningning (Bachelor 1987/Master 1992/PHD 1997, President of Bank of China Hong Kong Branch), WANG Jiwu (Bachelor 1988/MBA1997, President of TusPark Co., Ltd., President of UNIS, & Co-president of China Private Ventures Limited), WEI Haiying (EMBA2009, President of Huanyu Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., & President of Zhongshan City Jinri Aluminum Ltd.) shared their experience in study and development. They delivered keynote speeches covering aspects of self-development process, influence from study in Tsinghua SEM, life and work in Hong Kong and their reflections on life. Their speeches aroused applauses on the scene. Finally, a video recording activities of the alumni day prepared by alumni in Hong Kong was played, warm and impressive. Afterwards, SEM faculty, staff and alumni enjoyed an evening of free communication over buffet and barbecue at Le Meridien Hotel.