Scholarship&Financial Aid
Scholarship & Financial Aid


Various scholarships are available to our admitted international candidates. In addition, all MBA students are eligible to apply for several kinds of merit-based fellowships and awards after studying at Tsinghua for a period of time. These scholarships and fellowships are offered by Tsinghua University, Chinese government or other donors, to help international students to settle partial tuition fee, living expenses, etc.

International students are also encouraged to explore all sources of financial aid and scholarships available to them in their home country.


jiaU.S.-China Consultation on People-to-People Exchange (CPE) Study-in-China Scholarship

jiaChinese Government Scholarship (CGS)

jiaBeijing Government Scholarship (BGS)

jiaTsinghua University Scholarship (TUS)

jiaVolkswagen Scholarship

jiaChina Development Bank Scholarship

jiaBusiness Management (Tian Yi) Scholarship

jiaBusiness Management Scholarship (Dow Chemical)

jiaBusiness Management Scholarship (Emerson Electric Co., Ltd. China)

 Note: all the schedules above are subject to change.