Important Facts in 2013

Student Job and Internship Services

For international students, the CDC is committed in helping with career goals and finding opportunities that fit individual needs and aspirations

Career Opportunities
CDC maintains an English website with password and username for International MBA students. The CDC website includes daily updates with both internships and jobs posted by leading global multi-national companies. The jobs postings include positions based not only throughout China, but throughout Asia and the World. 

For students, internships can help them to better understand the industry or profession that they may pursue in the future; for companies, internship is an opportunity to evaluate students’ performance, so as to find suitable employees. Summer internship are also an effective way for some companies to fill out short-term vacancies.

The time period for doing an internship in China slightly differs from those in Western countries.  Intern recruitment starts from the beginning of Spring semester and can last until early summer. Summer internships occur during July and August.  Many IMBA students find internships in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Singapore. However, because of the high name value of Tsinghua University in China (in addition to our alumni base), it is possible to engineer a short-time consulting project in other areas during this time.