Beijing: The Optimal MBA Destination

Beijing: the Optimal MBA Destination   


The Tsinghua experience is much more than an MBA program. Yes, the world class faculty is here and yes your classmates are amongst the brightest and ablest. But much much more importantly, the Tsinghua experience encompasses seeing the world through the lenses of China. Being here has allowed me to experience the dynamism of the country's people, the changing political environment and the great entrepreneurial talent. There is no doubt in my mind that this next century belongs to China, and being here, in the midst of the action is one of the most rewarding career choices I have made.”   

Chung Tin Wong / UK / MBA Class of 2013  

Asia Fixed Income and Credit Broker, BGC Partners (Hong Kong)       


Since graduating from MIT with an undergrad in Management, I worked on Wall Street for 9 years. With increased globalization and a rapid reshuffling of global economic powers, I realized that I could not afford not to fill in that missing piece of my experience — a business education in a place that would become the most influential part of global finance in the foreseeable future. I need a platform that can provide me with on-the-ground knowledge and insights, recognition and credibility, and a solid foundation in establishing local network, all of which are not only critical in doing business in China but also necessary in becoming a global business visionary. An MBA at Tsinghua University provides all that in spades! ”

Winston Wei / USA / MBA Class of 2011    

Senior Department Manager, Strategy and Business Development, Trends Media Group      


China has become the leading engine for global economic growth, which creates tremendous opportunities. Located in Beijing, Tsinghua is a knowledge center, forging future leaders for China and the world. Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA is your gateway to the best of China.    



• China’s political, economic, cultural, and education center with 3,000 years of rich history

• Headquarters of 44 Fortune Global 500 companies, 2nd most in the world

• 14,000 foreign companies contributing to ¼ of the total GDP

• 88 universities and 400+ national and provincial research institutes

• 6 World Heritage Sites

• Beijing Capital International Airport - 2nd busiest in the world

• Beijingers speak Mandarin, the standard spoken language mostly used in mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and also widely spoken in Chinese communities around the globe.