Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA Program Launched


A Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA Program will be offered by Tsinghua MBA Programs, both universities announced in Beijing on July 16, 2013.

The announcement was made at a press conference hosted at the Multifunction Hall of Shunde Building of Tsinghua’s School of Economics and Management (Tsinghua SEM). Professor QianYingyi, Dean of Tsinghua SEM, and Professor S.P. Kothari, Deputy Dean of MIT Sloan School of Management (MIT Sloan) attended the conference. Professor Li Jinliang, Associate Dean of Tsinghua SEM presided over the event and delivered a warm speech.


Dean Qian first elaborated on the concept, measures and features of the Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA Program.

He said as one of the first business schools to offer the pilot MBA program in China, Tsinghua SEM has been committed to innovation-led development since 1991. The early shape of Chinese MBA education mainly followed that of the US MBA system. As globalization becomes a world trend, the education of business schools should not only incorporate Chinese elements into the programs, but also be consistent with the basic principles of business practices across the globe. Therefore, the MBA candidates should learn how to better adapt themselves to the globalization trend, and manage and lead companies and organizations in the context of globalization.

He added that the cooperation between Tsinghua SEM and MIT Sloan dated back to 1996. MIT Sloan has made great contribution to Tsinghua SEM’s development of the International MBA program, including supporting Tsinghua SEM professors to study in MIT Sloan, and encouraging its teaching staff to regularly visit Tsinghua and give lectures and courses and host seminars for the International MBA program. This time is no exception, and the two sides will continue to deepen the strategic cooperation.

At the end of his speech, Dean Qian noted: “ Professor S.P. Kothari has come afar to attend today’s press conference. This fully demonstrates the great importance attached and the support extended by MIT Sloan to this program. Next year marks the 30th anniversary of Tsinghua SEM’s establishment, and the first batch of the students of the Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA Program will return to the school at that time. It represents a new milestone of the cooperation between the two schools and turns a new chapter for MBA education in Tsinghua. With the support and cooperation of MIT Sloan, Tsinghua SEM has the confidence and capacity to make this program a flagship one for MBA education in China.”

Professor S.P. Kothari then reviewed the long-time cooperation between the two sides, and looked forward to further development of the relationship.

He said that the launch of this new program demonstrates the substantial changes and latest trends occurring today. In a globalized world, people need to mobilize all kinds of resources in different places to tackle common problems.

He noted that MIT and Tsinghua had maintained sound cooperation for 17 years. From the beginning, MIT has foreseen the rise of China in the coming future and has been playing an active, important role in the process, which reflects MIT’s vision. By developing cooperation with Tsinghua, MIT can better fulfill its mission and vision and learn more about the corporate and social cultures of China. He hoped that the cooperation between the two sides can move on to a higher stage.


After the speeches, the launching ceremony of the Tsinghua-MIT Global Program officially kicked off. All the participating faculty, students, guests and journalists witnessed this moment together. During the Q&A session, Dean Qian, Professor S.P. Kothari and Associate Dean Li answered questions from media outlets including Sina, China Daily, and Wenhui Daily.