Research Centers

Center for International Economic Research


Founded in 2010, the Center for International Economic Research (CIER) at Tsinghua University is a platform of academic and policy research among top-tier scholars. The center aims to advance research in the field of international economics. In particular, our research fellows focus on understanding economic development in China and the world. Based on our studies, research fellows apply academic research to economic practices and offer policy suggestions. CIER has the best research team in international economics in China, working in all main fields of international economics.


National Center for Economic Research


Tsinghua’s National Center for Economic Research is a network made up of top Chinese and international researchers. It allows members to collaborate professionally through academic and policy research, advanced training and consulting. Thanks to its superb facilities, the center is a national venue for seminars, international conferences and other academic events; this is also highly valuable when it comes time for researchers to conduct studies, apply for funding and release their findings.


Research Center for Technological Innovation


Founded in 2000, the Research Center for Technical Innovation (RCTI) has been recognized by the Ministry of Education as a key center of research in the humanities and social sciences. RCTI is committed to building on teamwork, theoretical innovation driven by major practical issues, and improving the level of scholarship through scientific approaches and academic exchanges, both within China and abroad. In the field of technical innovation, RCTI is a national “think tank” as well as a center of information and expertise, attracting the nation’s most knowledgeable and influential researchers and experts. It focuses on managing technical innovation, strategy and policy for science and technology, and high-tech ventures.


Research Center for Contemporary Management


The Research Center for Contemporary Management at Tsinghua University (RCCM) focuses on such issues as management theory in the information age, organizational operation modeling, and sustainable development theory; it is dedicated to studying the new issues that have arisen with the advent of the network and knowledge economies. RCCM has conducted numerous studies on a national level, including research on national strategic topics and studies for the National Natural Science Foundation, with impressive results. Committed to preparing for the nation’s development in a new century, it attracts experts at the top of their fields from China and abroad. RCCM is currently translating research findings into action, applying theories and methodologies to real-world issues in the Chinese economy and offering direct advice and support to the corporate and government sectors.


China Business Research Center


The China Business Research Center, founded in July 2000, is largely devoted to business studies, with a focus on the basic theory and general principles of Chinese businesses and business administration, along with reform and development in Chinese corporations. A variety of exchanges, including executive forums, seminars and an academic journal, allows the center to absorb the latest thinking, improve the quality of its scholarship, and broaden Tsinghua SEM’s influence nationwide.


China Business Case Center


Affiliated with Tsinghua SEM, this center is for specialized research and teaching services studies. It develops and compiles cases for use in business administration education. Dedicated to “collecting business wisdom and promoting management education,” the Case Center is drawing on Tsinghua SEM’s superior academic resources to build the nation’ s preeminent case library.


The China Business Case Center has developed ties with its counterparts at leading business schools around the world, producing impressive results. With oversight from the National Steering Committee for MBA Education and from Tsinghua SEM, the Case Center has held ten seminars on using the case method and writing cases. Attended by over 500 business school educators, these seminars help promote management case studies based on Chinese corporations as well as innovations in case based learning.


Now in the process of organizing its current portfolio of over 300 cases, the Case Center is optimizing its services, including collection, theme building, content creation, case evaluation and distribution, and instructor training. A variety of platforms will enable the Case Center to promote the development of high-quality cases and widespread application of the case method.


National Entrepreneurship Research Center


The National Entrepreneurship Research Center is committed to bringing together worldwide knowledge and advancing the cause of entrepreneurship by training leaders for China’s high-tech ventures and venture capital firms. Through educational courses and basic research, the center fosters a better understanding of the dynamic process of entrepreneurship. With government support, the center has been closely involved in researching policy and strategy for entrepreneurship and venture capital, and in improving scholarship by strengthening international exchanges. It is working with institutions at home and abroad to convert knowledge into wealth.


Center for China in the World Economy


Established at Tsinghua in September 2004, the Center for China in the World Economy (CCWE) is committed to “supporting decision making with a global outlook.” CCWE studies practical issues in Chinese policy from a global perspective, taking a constructive role in policy discussions and supporting scientific decision-making by government. Drawing on the lessons of reform and development in China, CCWE aims to enrich theory, open academic dialogues worldwide, and build economics and other related disciplines across the nation. It is working to establish itself as a world-class center for academic and policy research. The center receives generous financial support from BP.


China Retail Research Center


Launched in November 2004, the China Retail Research Center (CRRC) was first proposed by the Advisory Board, which also provided support for its establishment. This specialized research institution integrates a wide variety of retail-related resources from the government, academic and corporate sectors within China and abroad. Its basic and applied research is improving the quality of scholarship on China’s retail sector. In the future, CRRC will pursue its own research based on conditions in the Chinese retail industry and the latest developments in retail theory worldwide, as well as performing government studies. It is also committed to furthering communication and cooperation between the academia and the retail industry. As well, CRRC will offer training and consulting services for China’s retail corporations. Startup funding for the Center was contributed by Wal-Mart Stores.


Research Base for Contemporary Management and Technological Innovation


The Research Base for Contemporary Management and Technical Innovation covers two of Tsinghua SEM’s current national priority disciplines, Management Science and Engineering and Business Administration. It also encompasses the Center for Contemporary Management Research and the Research Center for Technological Innovation, both recognized by the Ministry of Education as centers of social sciences and humanities research. With access to databases, case libraries and laboratory facilities, the base offers an ideal research environment. In keeping with current academic and economic concerns, it is expected to pave the way for expanded international cooperation and attract the top minds in management studies, producing valuable advances in theoretical and applied research.


Research is currently underway on a number of strategic topics, including “foundations of scientific management for Chinese-style corporations” and “basic theory and strategy for China’s transition to sustainable energy.” The base is also developing databases and platforms for interdisciplinary research. 


National Institute for Fiscal Studies


The National Institute for Fiscal Studies was founded on January 17, 2008. Committed to forward-looking scientific research on major fiscal issues, the Institute provides professional, independent opinions and support for the nation’s major fiscal policy proposals.


By exerting its influence through a number of channels, it is also working to shape more effective policies. Exploring new ways of thinking and new approaches, the Institute is contributing ne knowledge to academic research on fiscal policy issues; it is also drawing on Chinese and global history to promote better fiscal policy-making in developing nations throughout the world.


China Research Center for Insurance and Risk Management


The China Research Center for Insurance and Risk Management, established on April 29, 2008, grew out of Tsinghua SEM’s nine-year-old Insurance Studies program. Created with support from the global insurance giant Zurich Financial Services Group, the center is intended to strengthen Tsinghua SEM’s role in the insurance and risk management sector at home and abroad.


The center is committed to improving scholarship in insurance and risk management at Tsinghua SEM, boosting the school’s academic standing worldwide, promoting global communication within the discipline, and providing innovative research and consulting proposals for the government and business sectors. In order to fulfill this mission, a number of plans are in the works.


The center will publish a competitive journal, organize regular academic exchanges and periodic seminars, and conduct theoretical and practical research in the field. In addition, Chinese and international scholars will be invited to the center for research, academic exchange and training. It will also undertake practical and theoretical studies for government and the industry.


Center for Leadership Development and Research


Launched in 2008, Tsinghua Center for Leadership Development and Research (CLDR) aims to advance the development of researches on Chinese enterprises and Chinese leadership talents. The center’s specialty includes leadership research, case developments and leadership education. The center offer series of innovative resource platforms to bring together scholars, practitioners to share experience and insight, thus to create a unique Chinese leadership development system for the country and worldwide. Current projects include Tsinghua Alumni Leadership Forum, Research on Chinese Private-owned Enterprises, Case Studies of Chinese Way of Management, and so on.


Research Center for Healthcare Management


The Research Center for Healthcare Management aims at promoting the research on China's health care policies and management. The center mainly focuses on: research on policies and management of healthcare in China; promoting the development of the discipline of hospital management; providing policy proposals and advice for the government hospitals and other organizations; serving as a platform for theoretical research and practice in the field of healthcare and promoting the development of the healthcare industry; fostering professionals of healthcare industry and contributing to the international communications in this area. 


China Data Center (CDC)


Established in June, 2009, the China Data Center (CDC) is supported by Tsinghua SEM as well as School of Humanities and Social Sciences. With the support of the faculty and academic resources of the two schools, the center aims to provide a data platform to assist academic research and teaching in relevant disciplines. In cooperation with other relevant institutions, the center also aims to serve as a think tank for the government with a focus on the in-depth research in key issues of Chinese society. The center is a channel for universities at home and abroad and various circles to get knowledge of the economic and social issues of Chinese society, which helps to expand the academic and social influence of Tsinghua University nationwide as well as in the world.


Center for Corporate Governance


Established in October 28, 2009, the Center for Corporate Governance aims to help enhance the university’s teaching and research capability in corporate governance, promote the communication and cooperation in research on fields of corporate governance. It will also provide government and business community with innovative research output and consultations.


China Center for Financial Research



Center for Enterprise Growth and National Economic Security Research


Center for China-Latin America Management Studies


Research Center for China’s Industrial Development


Center for Globalization of Chinese Enterprises


Tsinghua University Research Center for Green Economy and Sustainable Development


Center for Development of Sports Industry


Center for Internet Development and Governance