"A Dictionary of Modern Economics" Co-edited by Professor LI Zinai Recently Got Published

"A Dictionary of Modern Economics” co-edited by Professor LI Zinai recently was published by Economic Science Press. Professor LI is a retired Professor of Economics at the Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management (Tsinghua SEM). 
A Dictionary of Modern Economics
The objective of “A Dictionary of Modern Economics” is to summarize the successful experiences of reform and development in China theoretically and to show the progress of Chinese economic research. This dictionary covers both Theoretical Economics and Applied Economics, the two economic “primary disciplines” (classified by the Chinese Ministry of Education), and all of the 14 subjects/fields under these disciplines.
Professor LI Zinai is on the editorial board of “A Dictionary of Modern Economics”, and he also serves as the editor of the volume “Econometrics”. Econometrics is an important and fundamental field of modern economics, forming the basis of many substantive economic fields. The “Econometrics” volume in the “Dictionary” introduces the history, basic theory, and applications of econometrics. Professor LI contributed several essential entries, such as “Econometrics”, to this dictionary.
Source: Department of Economics