QIAN Yue, Ph.D. Program Class of 2020, Gave a Student Speech at Commencement 2020


Dear faculty and peers, and everyone who is watching this online, good evening to you all!


I am a PhD student at the marketing department. This year is my 10th year in Tsinghua SEM and I feel really lucky to have this SEM corner in this noisy world where I can slow down and learn to accept myself and find my goals. Here I would like to share three ideas about my study in Tsinghua SEM.


The first idea is about "try" and "change". I entered Tsinghua SEM in 2010, and experienced the reform of undergraduate education as well as doctoral education, and was benefited from both. When I was an undergraduate, my classmates joked that they had studied a "fake" business school major. This is because besides professional courses, we have to take many general courses, such as psychology, philosophy, Chinese history and world history, etc. The seemingly "useless" knowledge at that time played an inestimable role in my later career choice. These courses, which seem to have little to do with business, stimulated my curiosity and imagination. Later, I became the only student in my class who chose to major in marketing.  Undergraduate education has cultivated my courage to try and change, and I exerted this courage to the extreme during my doctoral period. Everyone familiar with me knows that when I first entered the marketing department, I tried all the three research directions of the department, and finally found my favorite in my third year. So far, my experience is that any job requires not only persistence and patience, but also the courage to try and change. Only when one finds the most suitable direction can she obtain the pleasure of work.


The second idea is about "model" and "catching up". In Tsinghua SEM, besides high-quality resources provided by the college and guidance of the tutors, more importantly, there are a group of excellent like-minded students. I remembered that when I graduated as an undergraduate, there was an activity called "twenty ways to leave Tsinghua SEM". The general education in SEM silently created all kinds of possibilities for everyone after leaving campus.  During my Ph.D. period, our class won the group award of "Tsinghua University Graduates Sailing Award", which was the first time that a class of SEM won this award. At present, my classmates are already teaching at Tilburg University, Peking University, University of Science and Technology of China, Renmin University of China, Nanjing University and other universities, some of which have been pre-employed as full professors. Today I finally caught up with my classmates: after graduation, I will join the School of Management in Zhejiang University, where I will continue my research work.


The third idea is about "ideal" and "persistence". In Tsinghua SEM, generations of teachers carry on the mission of “studying China's problems and telling Chinese stories", while handling it over to generations of students. MY tutor Professor Zhang Ping is one of those who keeps this unchanging initial thought. When I was in the third year of my Ph.D., my tutor came to me and said that he wanted to give full play to the advantages of brand theory research which he has been working on for years, and hoped to build a Chinese brand value list, so as to encourage Chinese companies to focus on brand building and help promote the national brand development strategy. I am more than honored to participate in the calculation of brand value of the Chinese listed companies. With my tutor’s continuous efforts, this list has been published for four consecutive years and has been recognized by the business industry and academia. In addition, this year, my tutor will publish the 2020 Blue Book of Brand Value of Listed Companies in China. I have the honor to participate in the compilation of the manuscript and hope that it can help Chinese enterprises recover from the epidemic.


Finally, what I want to say is that we may have hundreds of possibilities and meet hundreds of challenges after leaving Tsinghua SEM. I hope that we can always be brave in trying and persistent in chasing our dreams.


To end my speech, I would like to wish everyone health and a bright future. Thank you!