SU Jiehan, Second-Degree Undergraduate Program Class of 2020, Gave a Student Speech at Commencement 2020


Dear professors and students, good evening to you all!


I am SU Jiehan from the Department of Foreign Languages, School of Humanities, and my second degree is Economics (financial direction) at Tsinghua SEM. It is a great honor for me to speak here. First of all, please allow me to congratulate all my peers on graduating, express my heartfelt thanks to our teachers and pay the highest respect to all those who made silent contributions during the epidemic. This graduation ceremony is rare and paves the last significant meters of the red carpet for the end of our undergraduate life.


At first, my interest in economics has been developed in the “Introduction to Linguistics” course for English majors. I find that the rational activities in the human world, such as language evolution and acquisition, are always dominated by economic principles. For example, in Indo-European languages such as Sanskrit, the sound-changing rules such as nasal pronunciation are rooted in the effectiveness and optimization of pronunciation. Later, my two majors work like a pair of wings. Ten years of foreign language study has enabled me to quickly sort out the pitch points of the project team and form a report. When helping a head brokerage company produce roadshow materials for overseas projects, my English input and output efficiency was also an important advantage. In the major courses, I have practiced consecutive interpreting of the speeches of scholars in politics and economics, so as to better understand the world through this discipline which is compatible with both humanities and sciences. Using the resources and platform provided by Tsinghua SEM, I participated in the 14th Coach Career Plan and won the title of Excellent Student, feeling the pulse of the academia and industry together with many like-minded friends. When participated in the BID business model design project, I also made friends with diverse backgrounds. Without my study experience in economics and management, I think it is difficult for me to have the opportunity to experience more possibilities in the integration of disciplines.


Two degrees, more than ten social work and internships, along with regular training in the Art Group: I learned to manage my time better during the past four years, finding my interests and advantages while overcoming limitations with the help of teachers and friends.  Tsinghua SEM has taught me to draw bigger pictures, to stand on wider platforms and to gain new perspectives. During my second-degree study, I was deeply impressed by our teachers' emphasis on that "finance secures the country". In my opinion, the purpose of university education, whether general or specialized, is to guide us to pay attention to our own social significance, find a way of lifelong growth, and create tangible or intangible value for the society. What I want from myself is not only to study for some degrees or to achieve some full grades. So, I chose to go to Shenzhen Finance Institute after graduation, which was established by the municipal government, and return to my hometown to continue my Master of Science in Finance. I hope that I can understand how an individual can exist in a historical narrative, and by using my strengths, what role I will play for my own future as well as the future of my country.


On this parting occasion, my heart is full of gratitude for my alma mater. This lecture script witnesses our graduation in 2020, as well as my own answer for my university years.  I shall thank all my teachers and peers for the company, and I hope you may always remain sincere and passionate. Congratulations for graduation! Thank you all!