LUO Yinxiao, Undergraduate Program Class of 2020, Gave a Student Speech at Commencement 2020


Dear professors and my peers:


Good evening everyone, I am LUO Yinxiao, an undergraduate student from Tsinghua SEM class of 2020.


A teacher in Tsinghua SEM once asked me in my freshman year, “why SEM?”


My answer was: “I desire uncertainty. I hope my future is full of all possibilities.”


And Tsinghua SEM, is where I believe to provide the most possibilities, where I can choose whichever path as long as I wish to.


It is here in Tsinghua SEM, that we can stay curious about everything. I have learned Professor ZHONG Xiaohan’s “Zhang Shun Li Kui” theory, thought about Professor JIN Yongjun’s “pure reasoning and historical narrative”, discussed about enterprise management with professors in Texas and introduced Chinese online social commerce to Singapore friends in Seoul.


In these interesting experiences, we have constantly challenged ourselves and broadened our perspectives of ourselves. As a member of the case analysis team in Tsinghua SEM, we have analyzed business cases in international competitions and gave complete solutions within 24 hours, experiencing heated debates on strategic design as well as misunderstanding from judges because of cultural barriers. However, facing challenges and doubts, we have revised and improved again and again, and managed to tell the Chinese story successfully.


Besides, there are so many interesting friends around us, who have kept running forward on their chosen road. Some of them have designed solutions for precise poverty alleviation, and some of them have improved business plans for start-ups. Tsinghua SEM is such a huge stage, where we can tell our own stories and choose the roles we want to play.


While providing us with unlimited possibilities, Tsinghua SEM has also taught us how to face uncertainty. After all, life consist not only of making decisions but also facing the sudden and unknown. I believe that within the past 6 months, we have all gained a deep understanding of the anxiety brought by uncertainty. However, within the past 4 years at Tsinghua SEM, we have definitely learned how to tackle it.


As we experienced in the financial association in the past six months: although there is no face-to-face workshop anymore, we can continue to write the Capital Market Weekly on the WeChat platform, and we can also observe the macroeconomic and risk parity strategies during the epidemic. Although there is no offline venue, we can still hold the first online industry analysis contest, which makes our competition open to students all over the country for the first time.


What will happen in the future? Frankly speaking, I have no answer either. But I think this is why Tsinghua SEM teaches us to think independently. It is by discovering our true love in various possibilities that we can walk firmly on our own way in uncertainty. Maybe the way to destination is not the one planned before, but no matter how, we can embrace the future we want in the end.


2020 is destined to be a year full of uncertainties, and we are faced with too many changes beyond expectations. However, "Think Big, Think Long", the multiple possibilities and the independent thinking ability which Tsinghua SEM has brought us, will enable us to tell our most interesting stories well in future life. Some people may say that the era has changed the path of life that we had planned, but I always believe that we ourselves are the era and it is our choices and efforts that determine the future of the world.


Four years later, we will start a journey that we have never experienced before, but I believe that we will enjoy our wonder on the road we choose.


Thank you all!