The Initiative Meeting for the Double Bachelor’s Degree Program in Computer Science and Finance Held

On the evening of September 8, the initiative meeting for the Double Bachelor’s Degree Program in Computer Science and Finance was held. Professor BAI Chong-En, Dean of School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University as well as Professor WU Jianping, Academician at Chinese Academy of Engineering and Director of Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University attended the event with other faculty, talking with the 30 freshmen about topics including the program’s orientation and students’ future plan. Professor LIU Zhiyuan from Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, hosted the event.


Dean BAI Chong-En welcomed and expressed ardent expectation for the freshmen. He pointed out that the program aims to foster the integration of computer science and finance in line with current needs. On the one hand, computer technology can be applied in the economic and financial field; on the other hand, the new demand in the economic and financial market can stimulate the development of computer technology.


BAI said that at the present stage, information technology has exerted great influence on all aspects of society, while economics is concerned about how to design application scenarios and business models which attract participants the most, to realize such influence and create values for society.


Also, computer technology supports the establishment of business model. BAI said that the development of many information technologies is stimulated by new demands. Many applications in economy and finance, such as smart investment and financial technology, are all permeated with the power of computer technology.


Nowadays, with the increasing market demand, computer technology meets new challenges. BAI hopes that through the double degree program, students can find the new direction of technological demand and devote themselves to meet the new demand of economy and financial market.


In terms of education, Tsinghua SEM emphasizes on general education, especially on value shaping and personality cultivation. BAI mentioned that on the basis of mastering advanced technology and knowledge, students should establish their own values. Finally, he encouraged the freshmen to integrate the valuable tradition and culture of the two departments, give full play of the available resources to make greater contribution to society in the future.


Professor WU Jianping also welcomed the students. He pointed out that people are now living in a new era where the innovation of computer science has an important impact on economic and social development. As a supporting discipline, computer science is also of great significance to the development of many other disciplines, changing the knowledge generation mode of basic disciplines such as mathematics and physics and the scientific research paradigm of humanities such as law and journalism, and has become a powerful driving force for the development and progress of the whole human society. WU said that economy and finance are important application scenarios for computer science and technology, and the rapid development of computer science and technology also foster the development of economy and finance.


Professor WU introduced that computer science at Tsinghua has an excellent faculty, who pays attention to comprehensive teaching of scientific theories and practical application. Students have to take challenging courses to gain the ability for solving world problems in computer science and overcome major issues about people's livelihood.


WU pointed out that all technological revolutions bring earth-shaking changes to human society. Computer technology including the Internet, cloud computing, big data, AI and blockchain will become the core driving force in the next revolution. At the same time, students should realize that information technology and finance are vital for countries’ development and international competition. He encouraged the students to link their personal career with China’s future development, and be ready to meet challenges at all times.


Later, the students asked about advice for future study plan and Professor MA Yuchun, director of the teaching office at the Department of Computer Science and Technology, explained the program arrangement in detail.


With the rapid development of science and technology and economy, it is a trend to accelerate the integration of computer and finance, which will not only bring profound changes to the society, but also lead higher education to explore in the frontier fields. Both the School of Economics and Management and the Department of Computer Science and Technology have made great efforts in program design and discipline integration, hoping that the students can enjoy an inspiring and meaningful undergraduate time.