A New Chapter: Shenzhen Institute of Economics and Management (Futian), Tsinghua University

On September 26, Futian District Government in Shenzhen has signed with Tsinghua SEM to cooperate in developing Shenzhen Institute of Economics and Management (Futian), Tsinghua University, marking a milestone in the development of Shenzhen Institute of Economics and Management (Futian), Tsinghua University. The two will rely on the Institute to construct innovative management disciplines in Tsinghua SEM  and SIGS, undertaking functions including student training, innovation and entrepreneurship education, talent recruitment, discipline and think tank construction, cooperation and exchange, etc.


Economic and social changes always call for support from education. The rapid development in Shenzhen as well as the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area needs better education, research and service in economy and management to support, which leads to the emergence of Shenzhen Institute of Economics and Management (Futian), Tsinghua University. Tsinghua SEM will give full play to its unique advantages in scientific research and innovation, talent cultivation and global influence, while supporting Shenzhen with high-quality talents and high-level scientific research, in accordance with GBA’s development plan.


It is for the following reasons that Tsinghua SEM chose to set up a campus in Shenzhen: First, Shenzhen is a historically successful case of China's economic reform and opening up, and one of the most active innovation areas in China and even in the world. Second, for the need to integrate SIGS’s innovative management disciplines with other six engineering disciplines. Third, the Institute is particularly experienced in talent training in Shenzhen, and has carried out various high-quality degree and training programs, while introducing a number of high-quality international teaching programs. Fourth, Shenzhen can provide a valuable environment for Tsinghua SEM’s future research in Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. Fifth, Tsinghua SEM has a large number of alumni in Shenzhen and GBA, which will further expand its influence in the field of economic management in the Area.


According to the plan, student training, innovation and entrepreneurship education, talent recruitment, discipline and think tank construction, as well as cooperation and exchange will be the five major tasks of Shenzhen Institute of Economics and Management (Futian), Tsinghua University. Among them, "student training" will base on the Shenzhen and GBA’s needs in high-quality development, and cultivating leading talents in innovation and entrepreneurship, strategic technology entrepreneurs and financial technology leaders who are familiar with technology development as well as financial business; "Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education" will foster the development of the "GBA Innovation Center", introducing mature educational concepts, experiences and resources for entrepreneurship education of young students in Shenzhen; "talent recruitment" will recruit leading talents and young top scholars from all over the world to form a high-level and international faculty; "discipline and think tank construction" will focus on financial science and technology, digital economy, innovation and entrepreneurship; "cooperation and exchange" will actively build a platform for cooperation between industry, university and research institutes, organize high-level academic conferences and international forums, and promote the organic integration of education chain, talent chain, industrial chain and innovation chain.


For a long time, Tsinghua SEM has carried the responsibilities of serving the national development strategy, participating in innovation and entrepreneurship, improving the ability to serve regional innovation-driven economic and social development. It attaches great importance to and enjoys a sound foundation for the cooperation with Shenzhen. From 1999 to 2005, a part-time MBA program was offered in Shenzhen, and a total of 358 alumni have been trained; In 2002, the School established the Shenzhen Office of Executive Education to provide a platform for entrepreneurs and senior managers in Shenzhen to learn for life; In 2011, the Tsinghua SEM's full-time MoF program started to provide courses in Shenzhen, and 819 alumni have been trained so far; In 2019, the School officially launched the financial technology EMBA program in Shenzhen; In the fall semester of 2020, Tsinghua SEM set up a master's degree in advanced financial management and big data in Shenzhen to cultivate senior financial management talents with data thinking and leading talents in the financial industry for GBA. These alumni later made valuable contributions to the economic development of Shenzhen and GBA.


At present, Shenzhen has the second largest Tsinghua SEM alumni group after Beijing, and it will be a reasonable arrangement to bring its education and research resources to them. In addition, uniting more alumni with the institute will also better unite human resources and intellectual support for local economic and social development.


In the future, Shenzhen Institute of Economics and Management (Futian), Tsinghua University will devote itself to building a high-value platform for Beijing-Shenzhen integration, Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation, integration of industry and research and communication among alumni, while effectively fostering Shenzhen’s reform, opening up and innovation, and escorting GBA to achieve high-quality leap-forward development.