Tsinghua SEM X-elerator


Tsinghua SEM X-elerator

Tsinghua SEM X-elerator, founded in January 2015, is a startup acceleration platform that embodies the spirit of Tsinghua and provides in-depth integrated service for the growth of global entrepreneurs and start-ups. The goal of Tsinghua SEM X-elerator is to gather the top-tier talents globally and educate them to become the next generation leaders by widen their visions and developing their unique competitive advantages.

Tsinghua SEM X-elerator provides comprehensive services including entrepreneurial research and development (R&D), business design, resource allocation and business model innovation for top innovation projects that are selected into the X-elerator nationally and globally.

Since established, X-elerator has already accelerated over 150 startups. GEL Club, one of the core products of X-elerator, has invested nearly 100 million RMB into startups. X-elerator has set up several “Labs” and “Entrepreneurial Corridors” in vertical fields, including artificial intelligence, intelligent hardware, health care, business model innovation, sharing economy and socialnomics. By integrating various resources, X-elerator accelerates the development of startups.

•Awarded by Beijing Science and Technology Commission as Group Innovation Space in September 2015.

•Awarded by Zhongguancun Administrative Committee as the Innovation Incubator in November 2015.

•Authorized by Haidian Government as the Centralized Office Area (Coworking Space) for technology companies in December 2015.

•Empowered into the National Incubator Management Service System for science and technology enterprises by Ministry of Science and Technology in February 2016.

•Awarded by Zhongguancun Inno-Way as the Best Entrepreneurial Education Organization in June 2016.

5 types of unique services

Global Entrepreneurial Leaders Club (GEL Club)

It provides valued-added growth capital for selected members, and educates the founders to become excellent leaders through intensive training in the “Innovation Lab”.

S&T (Science & Technology) Relay Society

It aims to promote the scientific and technological transformation at universities and research institutions. It constructs a new production-education-research relationship among science & technology creators, entrepreneurs and investors. It brings technology inventors with cutting-edge technology and creative spirit, entrepreneurs with rich experience and wide-ranging vision, and investors with strategic perspective, sharp sense and executive abilities together to build a talent-community for science and technology commercialization.

X+ Space

Based on the concept of collaborative culture, a new generation working-space is provided to accelerate the growth of start-ups and to attract entrepreneurs from all over the world to enjoy the innovative atmosphere and resources here.

Mentors Club

The companionship of outstanding mentors can best facilitate young entrepreneurs’ growth. In the Mentors Club, the most excellent elites will lead entrepreneurs’ path to mature thinking. Masters in all walks of life will assist young talents to set their value orientation and establish their unique competitive advantages to become the next-generation entrepreneurs with global vision.

Action Leaning Center

Action Leaning Center helps entrepreneurs experience problems existing in the process of entrepreneurship and seek solutions, reduce the cost of trials and errors, and help them transform the great entrepreneurial dreams into implementable action plans.