Chen Jin

Professor, Department of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy

Curriculum Vitae

Phone             (86) (10) 62772939
Office              226 Weilun Building
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Dr. CHEN Jin is a professor of Department of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy in Tsinghua SEM. He received his Bachelor in chemical process control in the Department of Chemical Engineering from Zhejiang University in 1989; and Ph.D. in Management Engineering in the Department of Management also from Zhejiang University in 1994. Dr. CHEN Jin went to MIT Sloan School of Management in 1998 as a visiting scholar. In 2000, he went to SPRU of Sussex University as a visiting fellow. Dr. CHEN Jin has been awarded Special Government Allowance from the State Council of China, and the Huo Yingdong Youth Teacher Prize and the Third “Young university teachers award” from the Ministry of Education of China. He awarded the Outstanding Youth Fund in 2002 by National Science Foundation of China. In 2009, he was selected for the China’s National Talents Project. In 2014, Professor Chen Jin was honored as a distinguished professor of Chang Jiang scholars, and actually he is the first Chang Jiang scholar in the field of China’s technological innovation management. Dr CHEN worked as the Executive Vice Dean of the Undergraduate School and the Chu Kechen Honors College before joined Tsinghua SEM. His research and teaching mainly focuses on management of technological innovation.

   Dr. CHEN Jin is a member of the Education Committee of CAE (the Chinese Academy of Engineering), the member of the division of management science in council for technology and science of Minister of Education, and vice chairman of the Chinese Association for Science of Science and S&T Policy. He serves as the chief editor of “Journal of Knowledge-based Innovation in China” and “Review of Evolutionary Economics and Economics of Innovation” and “International Journal of Innovation Studies”, the associate chief editor of “International Journal of Technology Marketing”, “Journal of Knowledge Management Studies”, “Journal of Foresight and Innovation Policy” and “Journal of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management” and Executive Associate Editor of “Chinese Journal of Engineering Design”. Dr. CHEN Jin also serves as the member of editor committee of “International Journal of Technology Management”(SSCI Journal), “Science: Journal of Zhejiang University”(SCI Journal), “International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management”, “International Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development” and “Journal of  Chinese Culture and  Management”, and the guest editor of “International Journal of Manpower”(2004). He is the member of editor committee of “Studies in Science of Science”, “Science Research Management”, “Journal of Systems Engineering”, “Systems Engineering-Theory & Practice”, “R&D Management”, “Journal of Management”, “Technology Economics”, “Science & Technology Progress and Policy” and “ Science and Technology Management Research”.

Journal Articles

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Research Projects/Grants

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