Qian, Xiaojun
Professor, Department of Leadership and Organization Management

Curriculum Vitae

Phone              (86) (10) 62789934
Office              456B Weilun Building
Office Hours     Fri.  9:00-10:00


Qian Xiaojun is a full professor at the Department of Leadership and Organization Management and a vice chairperson of the Degree Review Committee in the School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University. She is a member of the 12th CPPCC Beijing Municipal Committee. She was the Director of Planning and Quality Assurance Office of Tsinghua SEM (2006-2013), the director of MBA Programs of the school (2001-2006) and the assistant dean responsible for academic degrees (2006-2009). She received her Ph.D. in Mathematics in 1992, M.S. in mathematics in 1988 from Purdue University, Indiana, USA, and B.S. in applied mathematics from Tsinghua University in 1982. Her research interests focus on Managerial Communication, Corporate Communication and Cross-Cultural Communication, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibilities, Sustainability, Management Education, Business School Accreditation. Professor Qian teaches Managerial Communication (MBA and Executive Education), Data, Model and Decisions (MBA), Ethics and Social Responsibility (MBA) at the School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University.

Professor Qian has been the project leader or key researcher for several research projects, such as “Study on Evaluation Methods for Commercial Application of New Technology” funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, “Recycling Economy Model and Policy of Small Towns in Beijing” funded by Beijing Science and Technology Commission, “Curriculum Development and Management of Executive MBA Program for China”: A Fulbright Alumni Initiatives Award Project, etc. Her publications include Econometric models and economic forecasts (translator), Guide to Managerial Communication (8th ed., co-translator), Guide to Managerial Persuasion and Influence (proofreader as well as several peer-reviewed journal papers. Her awards include “University Educational Achievement Award for Outstanding Practice in MBA Admission (2nd class, group award (3)) (2006)”, “National Educational Achievement Award for Educational Model and Practice of “Local Root and Global Reach” (2nd class, group award (3)) (2005)”, “Best Performer of the Year, Tsinghua University (2003)”, “Outstanding Teaching Award, Tsinghua University (1998/2000/2002/2003)”, “1st Prize for Outstanding Education Program (team prize), Tsinghua University”, etc.

Professor Qian has been Sloan International Faculty Fellow at MIT Sloan School of Management, USA in 1997 and 2001. She serves on a number of academic organizations, such as “Member of Academic Committee for MBA Textbook Series Development, Wuhan University of Technology Press”, “Member of Editorial Advisory Board, Emerald Chinese Management Studies”, “Member of Editorial Review Board, Graziadio Business Report (Online Journal), Pepperdine University, California USA”, “Person-in-charge for the faculty development and course promotion of MBA course ‘Managerial Communication’ appointed by the National MBA Advisory Committee, organize annual national ‘Managerial Communication’ seminar”, “member of Standing Committee of the Statistical Society of Beijing”, etc. She also serves on the Standing Committee of Beijing Haidian District People's Political Consultative Conference.

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