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  1. 优化理论以及其在运营管理中的应用

  2. 动态机制设计

  3. 能源经济,能源市场

1. 本科课程:运营管理
2. 博士课程:高级运筹学
3. MBA: 数据,模型与决策,运营管理

1. 本科课程:Service Operations Design and Analysis

Journal Publication:

9. Data Center Network Design for Internet-Related Services and Cloud Computing (with Mengshi Lu, Max Shen, and Runyu Tang), 2020, Production and Operations Management, accepted. 

8. Reliable Hub Location Air Transportation Network Design under Random Disruptions (with Hao Shen and Max Shen), 2019, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, accepted.

7. Demand Side Energy Management under Time-Varying Pricing (with Tianhu Deng and Max Shen), IISE Transactions 51.4 (2019): 422-436.

6. Reliable Flexibility Design of Supply Chains via Extended Graph Expanders (with Hao Shen, Chung-Piaw Teo and Max Shen)Production and Operations Management 28.3 (2019): 700-720.

5. A Dynamic Programming Approach to Power Consumption Minimization in Gubbarrel Natural Gas Networks with Non-identical Compressor Unites (with T. Deng, S. Zhang, J. Ren, and S. Zheng), INFORMS Journal on Computing 31.3 (2019): 593-611. 

4. Joint Planning of Energy Storage and Transmission for Wind Energy Generation (with W. Qi, and Z-J M. Shen). Operations Research 63.6 (2015): 1280-1293.

3. A harmony search-based memetic optimization model for integrated production and transportation scheduling in MTO manufacturing (with Z. Guo, L. Shi, and L. Chen). Omega 66 (2017): 327-343.

2. Stochastic Control for Smart Grid Users with Flexible Demand (with L. He, Z-J M. Shen, and X. Cao). IEEE Trans. on Smart Grid, 4(4), 2013.

1. Thermostats for SmartGrid: Models, Benchmarks and Insights (with Z-J M. Shen, and D. Levine). the Energy Journal, 33(4), 2012

Selected working papers:

1. An FPTAS for the Omni-Channel Assortment Planning (with Yunzong Xu), in preparation, 2019
2. An Analytics Approach to Integrated Location, Inventory and Assorment Planning in Omni-Channel Retail (with Jian Chen, Hao Shen, and Max Shen), winner of the POMS-JD.com data-driven paper competition, 2019 POMS annual Conference, in preparation, 2019

3. Efficient Resource Allocation Contracts to Reduce Adverse Events,” with Peng Sun, Runyu Tang, and Chong Zhang, Major revision at OPRE, 2020.

2016-2018 国家自然科学基金青年基金,电网中动态电价下需求方用电管理,主持
2018-2020 清华大学自主科研基金,主持
2019-2022 国家自然科学基金面上项目,主持