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Professor JIA Ning Tops 2011 National Leading Talent Selection in Accounting

2011-11-23 00:00

November 23, 2011

Professor JIA Ning from the Department of Accounting at Tsinghua SEM recently won the first place in the 2011 National Leading Talent in Accounting (academic) selection.

The 2011 National Selection (academic) was initiated in April, attracting 133 candidates from 83 universities across the country. Through a series of application materials assessment, written exam and interview, altogether 26 out of the 133 candidates entered the finalist of the 2011 National Leading Talent in Accounting (academic) training program. Professor JIA Ning topped the Selection with the highest overall score.

Prof. JIA Ning

Professor JIA Ning received her Ph.D. in Accounting at Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2007. Her main research areas include accounting and capital markets, IPO/SEO, venture capital and entrepreneurship, behavior of financial analysts. She is now an Associate Professor at the Department of Accounting and Vice-Director of China Business Case Center.