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General Information

The Department of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy was founded on January 10th, 2013 by the approval of Tsinghua University. This new department meets Tsinghua’s strategic needs for strengthening business administration discipline, grasping the development trends in business administration, and meeting the needs for cultivating talented students for China and the World. It also aims to become a world-class research and teaching institution in the innovation, entrepreneurship and strategic management arena.

The Department of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy is a combination of two departments: the Department of Technology and Business Management and the Department of Business Strategy and Policy. The former was the earliest technology management discipline in China, holding a lead position in research and education in domestically while making extensive impact internationally. The latter was committed to improve the lever of research and education in strategic management. The resulting merger makes the teaching force stronger, academic research more diversified and competitive advantage more advanced.

The academic research areas in our department include innovation and entrepreneurship management, strategic management, and organizational systems. Currently, our faculty has 27 full-time professors, including 9 tenured, 15 associates and 3 assistants.