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Tsinghua SEM celebrates 40th anniversary


Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management (Tsinghua SEM) celebrated its 40th anniversary at the New Tsinghua Xuetang on the morning of April 27, the 113th anniversary of Tsinghua University. QIU Yong, secretary of the CPC Tsinghua University Committee; YANG Bin, vice president of Tsinghua University; BAI Chong-En, dean and Distinguished Professor of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at Tsinghua SEM; ZHAO Chunjun, second dean of Tsinghua SEM; HE Jiankun, third dean and former executive vice president of Tsinghua University; QIAN Yingyi, fourth dean and Distinguished Professor of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; CHEN Guoqing, Distinguished Professor of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and chair professor of Tsinghua SEM; alumni of the second class of the Executive Education Program for High-level Corporate Executives and former Deputy Secretary General of the State Council and former Governor of Yunnan Province XU Rongkai; as well as alumni, guest representatives, and faculty and students attended the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by CHEN Yubo, Secretary of the CPC Tsinghua SEM Committee.

Tsinghua SEM holds a celebration ceremony for its 40th anniversary on April 27, 2024.

In his address, QIU Yong conveyed 40th anniversary blessings from ZHU Rongji, first Dean of Tsinghua SEM, Honorary Chairman of the Tsinghua SEM Advisory Board, and former Premier of the State Council. He expressed gratitude and respect to ZHU Rongji for his exemplary leadership, care, and support for the school's development. QIU also expressed appreciation for people from all sectors of society who have helped to advance Tsinghua University and Tsinghua SEM. QIU Yong reflected on the history of economics at Tsinghua University, noting that for 40 years Tsinghua SEM has adhered to the university's motto of "self-improvement and social commitment," shouldered its mission of "advance knowledge and cultivate leaders for China and the world," insisted on the pursuit of "integrity, dedication, and respect," and kept pace with reform and opening up, as well as adapting to the times. As a result, Tsinghua SEM has achieved remarkable results in developing its economics and management disciplines, cultivating talents, undertaking academic research, consulting, and international exchange. It has developed gradually into a top domestic and world-renowned school of economics and management. The school has contributed significantly to the internationalization of China's economics and management disciplines, and also to the development of Tsinghua University into a world-class university with Chinese characteristics.

QIU Yong delivers a speech.

QIU Yong said General Secretary XI Jinping met with members of the Tsinghua SEM Advisory Board twice in 2013 and 2017 respectively, and delivered a video address at the 21st meeting of the Advisory Board in 2020. In his speech, XI offered direction and guidance for the school to deepen education reform, improve education quality and serve the national strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education. As it entered the new decade, Tsinghua SEM committed itself to strengthening the leadership of the Party, cultivating virtue, nurturing talents, and cultivating capable professionals in economics and management to support the country. The school will prioritize cross-disciplinary integration, especially in such fields as big data, artificial intelligence, and social sciences, to develop an independent knowledge system. It will fully implement the core strategy of strengthening the school with talents, aiming to establish a hub of top talent in economics and management. Furthermore, Tsinghua SEM will serve major national development strategies with strong intellectual and decision-making support for socio-economic advance. It will also vigorously expand high-level international exchanges and cooperation, contributing to the construction of a community with a future for mankind. The university anticipates that all teachers, students, and staff at Tsinghua SEM will continue to demonstrate a renewed commitment to high-quality development, striving to fulfill the goal of serving the nation, and making significant contributions to the establishment of a world-class university, as well as strengthening and rejuvenating the nation.

Tim Cook, chairman of the Tsinghua SEM Advisory Board, said in a video address that Tsinghua SEM serves not only as an educational and research hub, but also as a critical bridge connecting China with the world. During his four-year tenure as chairman of the Tsinghua SEM Advisory Board, he has observed the school's dedication to providing an exceptional education, advancing important research, and bringing together people from across the globe. He expressed great pride in these endeavors.

Tim Cook addresses the audience via a video.

Jonathan D. Levin, dean of the Stanford Graduate School of Business and member of the Tsinghua SEM Advisory Board, expressed in a video address that it was a pleasure for him to see the school build its faculty and student programs, create innovative partnerships with industry, and strengthen interdisciplinary connection. He said he looked forward to seeing Tsinghua SEM's success in the next 40 years as it continues to exchange ideas and prepare future leaders.

Jonathan D. Levin addresses the audience via a video.

Next, participants watched "Mounting," a special film for the 40th anniversary that portrays the forty-year development of the school. Its scenes recalled many unforgettable and shared memories and evoked a strong emotional response from viewers.

In his speech, BAI Chong-En thanked all the guests, teachers and students who participated in the celebration, as well as alumni, colleagues, and friends interested in supporting the school and its development. He used the four keywords "tribute, inheritance, innovation, and outlook" to review the history of the school, interpret the spirit of SEM, and paint a picture of its future development.

BAI Chong-En delivers a speech.

BAI Chong-En emphasized the importance of paying tribute to Premier ZHU Rongji, the former dean. During his seventeen years as dean, although burdened with important tasks, ZHU Rongji devoted tremendous effort to develop the school. Even after resigning from his position as dean, and in spite of his advanced age, he still cared for and supported Tsinghua SEM. His values of "conduct over learning," the concept of "integrity as a foundation," and the spirit of "pursuing perfection" are his precious legacy. ZHU Rongji's famous saying: "If each of you manages a good enterprise, there will be hope for the Chinese economy," has become the motto for countless graduates. In addition, BAI highlighted other predecessors such as CHEN Daisun, ZHENG Weimin, FU Jiaji, ZHAO Jiahe, and CEHN Xiaoyue, who laid a solid foundation for the establishment and development of the school; former Deans ZHAO Chunjun, HE Jiankun, QIAN Yingyi; as well as all former Party Secretaries, who led everyone through challenging years to make brilliant achievements in the development of the college; and retired teachers who devoted themselves to the school. Together they and other faculty and staff shaped the school and will continue to guide it to a better tomorrow.

BAI Chong-En called attention to how Tsinghua SEM's development cannot be separated from the cultural inheritance of past generations. "'Daring to be the first,' 'pursuing excellence,' and 'patriotism' have been in the genes of SEMers since the establishment of the school," he said. "We have always encouraged ourselves with the school motto of 'self-improvement and social commitment,' disciplined ourselves with the school spirit of 'actions speak louder than words,' and held true to ourselves with the values of 'integrity, dedication, and respect,' all lingering in the spiritual consciousness of every SEMer." To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the school organized "Galaxy of Talents," a series of seminars between retired faculty and their students to show the cultural inheritance of Tsinghua SEM.

BAI Chong-En said China's economic development has entered a new phase, characterized by its focus on technological innovation and deepening of reforms to achieve high-quality development. The world is confronting a range of new challenges and opportunities, such as climate change, deglobalization, geopolitical tensions, and technological advancements. The school will confront the challenges, seize the opportunities, keep pace with the times, reform and innovate, seek answers to the problems of China the world, and the times. Tsinghua SEM also aims to make strides in discipline construction, reaching new heights in teaching projects, advancing faculty development and scientific research, and exploring new frontiers.

CHEN Yubo hosts the ceremony.

While adhering to its original mission, the school is seeking new ideas and strategic positioning in its next stage, BAI Chong-En said. Drawing inspiration from advanced concepts and successful practices employed by excellent schools of economics and management around the world, Tsinghua SEM aims to integrate these with China's national conditions to drive progress. BAI said he hopes to build the school into a better bridge between theory and practice, between disciplines, between technology and business, and between China and the world. This vision is the starting point to continuously innovate and take the school's mission to a higher level.

Following this, the unveiling ceremony for the School History Space was held. XU Rongkai, YAND Bin, HE Jiankun, ZHAO Chunjun, QIAN Yingyi, BAI Chong-En, CHEN Guoqing, and CHEN Yubo unveiled the plaque of the space, whose design extends the meaning the "Bridge of Knowledge" at the New Buildings of Tsinghua SEM. It incorporates imagery of the "River of Time," signifying that every teacher, student, and alumnus has participated in and witnessed the school's development, akin to countless waves converging into a long river. The "River of Time" is not only a tribute to history, but also a symbol of optimism for a better future.

The School History Space is unveiled.

Accompanied by warm melodies and cheerful rhythms, the "Galaxy of Talents, Gratitude to Teachers" segment commenced. Students and alumni representatives presented bouquets of fresh flowers to fifty retired teachers who attended the event, expressing gratitude for their contributions to the development of the school and wishing them health, longevity, and happiness. It was hoped the teachers would continue to offer invaluable suggestions for the school's development, contribute to the advancement of disciplines, and provide guidance for the growth and success of students.

Students and alumni present bouquets of fresh flowers to retired teachers.

Following that, the "In Memory of Teachers" series of scholarships were announced, with the additions of the XIE Wenhui Scholarship, XU Yuqing Scholarship, ZHU Baoxian Scholarship, LI Yiyuan Scholarship, and TONG Yunhuan Scholarship. Alumni representatives who donated to this series of scholarships entered the stage one by one, and BAI Chong-En and CHEN Yubo presented them with donation certificates. The "In Memory of Teachers" Series of scholarships began on Tsinghua SEM's 35th anniversary, and aims to uphold and promote the excellent qualities and academic ethos of deceased teachers. The scholarships recall their spirit of teaching and education, rigorous academic research, pioneering innovation, boundless love, and pursuit of excellence, and inspire young teachers and students to improve their studies and research, and to care about their country and society.

Five new scholarships under the names of the deceased teachers are added to the "In Memory of Teachers" series of scholarships.

Among the representatives who delivered speeches, GAO Erji, an undergraduate alumnus from the class of 2005, expressed profound emotion towards the school and admiration for his mentor. He emphasized the importance of the school in cultivating students' personal growth.

GAO Erji speaks at the ceremony.

Doctoral alumnus LI Kunpeng shared the profound impact of WU Jinglian's speech on him. He reflected on the spiritual value of Tsinghua SEM and the distinctive characteristics of SEMers.

LI Kunpeng speaks at the ceremony.

ZHANG Changwu, an MBA alumnus, spoke about the responsibility and strength of Tsinghua SEM from his perspective, drawing connections to the development path of China's commercial aerospace sector.

ZHANG Changwu speaks at the ceremony.

LIN Zhijie, representing the teachers, recalled his five-year journey within the school, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to educate talents from around the world and the joy of pursuing general knowledge.

LIN Zhijie speaks at the ceremony.

ZENG Yaping, representing the students, shared her experiences as a beneficiary of the "Charcoal Fire Spirit" and her emotional journey shaped by educational philosophy and the culture of the school. She expressed her commitment to contributing to the revitalization of education in western China to upholding the Charcoal Fire Spirit.

ZENG Yaping speaks at the ceremony.

The ceremony ended with participants singing "A Home in My Heart" in chorus.

All participants sing "A Home in My Heart".