Online Education


Online Education


Tsinghua SEM's Online Education is dedicated to offer an efficient, personalized and self-regulated learning experience or future leaders by integrating new technology with high quality educational resources.

The first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), Financial Analysis and Decision Making, was launched on in the fall of 2013 and subsequently on n 2014. More than 260,000 students from 201 countries and regions around the world have enrolled in this course so far. In 2015, Online Education offers several new MOOCs including the Journey to Entrepreneurial Venturing and Introduction to Business. Now seven MOOCs are available for students.

Jointly launched with undergraduate programs, Master's programs, MBA programs, the online courses combine mandatory and elective modules and incorporate community based blended learning.


New Technology

The fast development of Internet technology provides new opportunities to business schools. In 2013, Tsinghua launched that utilizes the latest information technology to facilitate learning and teaching.

New Integration

- Integration of technology and education

- Integration of online and offline education

- Integration of teaching and learning

New Experience

Tsinghua SEM's Online Education provides students with a multi-dimensional learning experience that includes the usage of new technology, access to high-quality educational resources, diversified learning methods, customized course experience and self-regulated learning. It creates positive synergy with traditional education programs and is an essential element of future development of the school.