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Tsinghua SEM EMBA celebrates its 20th anniversary


Tsinghua School of Economics and Management (SEM) EMBA celebrated its 20th anniversary by holding the "Voice of Two Sessions" alumni event at China National Nuclear Corporation in Beijing on April 23, the 111th anniversary of Tsinghua University and the 38th anniversary of Tsinghua SEM.

Freeman Chair Professor BAI Chong-En, Dean of Tsinghua SEM and member of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC); Deputy Dean of Tsinghua SEM Professor XUE Jian; Ms. JIA Li, Director of the EMBA Education Center; and Mr. LIU Wei, a representative of the 13th National People's Congress, Tsinghua SEM EMBA 2006 Beijing alumni, member of China National Nuclear Corporation's Strategy and Management Advisory Committee, and a consultant of China National Nuclear Corporation, delivered speeches at the event.

Ms. LI Qian, Deputy Director of Tsinghua SEM EMBA Education Center, and Ms. AN Jing, Assistant Director, also attended the event, hosted by Ms. ZHUANG Li, Deputy Director of Tsinghua SEM EMBA Education Center. Meanwhile, more than 40 presidents and secretary generals of the Tsinghua EMBA Alumni Association in Beijing as well as nearly 5,000 alumni from all over China participated online.

At the event, BAI Chong-En and LIU Wei discussed the major theoretical and practical matters that China faces; in particular, they talked about nuclear energy and carbon neutrality, which they said are of vital importance to the country, and provided the alumni with incisive explanations of these issues.

Combining the spirit of this year's "Two Sessions" (the annual sessions of the National People's Congress and the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference) and the 2021 Central Economic Work Conference, BAI Chong-En focused on three issues: how to understand the concept of common prosperity, how to set up "traffic lights" for capital, and how to achieve the "dual carbon" goal.

Regarding the dual carbon goal and his own proposals for the Two Sessions, Bai said, "My suggestion is to issue carbon emission credits to consumers instead of power companies, and then power companies can buy these credits from consumers in a trading market. Meanwhile, we must also allow electricity prices to be adjusted based on the cost." According to Bai, carbon emission trading is an important market mechanism and, by making good use of the market mechanism, China can efficiently achieve its dual carbon goal and promote high-quality development.

BAI Chong-En, Dean of Tsinghua SEM

LIU Wei shared insights into the research on the nuclear energy development strategy under the goal of carbon neutrality in China. Compared with developed countries, China has a shorter time and greater difficulties in realizing the dual carbon goal, he said. As a source of clean energy with near-zero carbon emissions, nuclear energy can provide significant support for the construction of a clean, low-carbon, safe, and efficient energy system. Working toward the dual carbon goal will accelerate the strategic development of advanced nuclear energy technologies, and it will play a pivotal role in the entire energy system in terms of power generation, heat supply, hydrogen production, and energy sources.

LIU Wei, Member of Strategy and Management Advisory Committee and Consultant of CNNC, Tsinghua SEM EMBA 2006 Beijing alumni

XUE Jian talked about Tsinghua SEM EMBA's 20-year history and its current status. Over the past 20 years, Tsinghua SEM EMBA has been both a witness of and a contributor to China's economic development, she said. In recent years, the EMBA Education Center has been dedicated to empowering the real economy: doing solid work, strengthening cooperation on research between industries and the university, promoting the transformation of scientific research, seeking practical results, and continuously boosting employment in cutting-edge technology industries.

As in-depth technological changes have occurred nationwide, Tsinghua SEM EMBA's curriculum structure has been iteratively innovated, and the Tsinghua SEM Future Tech Future Thinking program has focused its efforts on empowering innovative scientific and technological achievements. The Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA Program (TIEMBA), founded in 2007 on the basis of an equal partnership with INSEAD, one of the leading business schools globally, was the first dual-degree EMBA program in the Chinese mainland. And in 2015, TIEMBA was ranked the first by the Financial Times, representing a significant milestone for Tsinghua SEM EMBA. Xue said that, despite all the challenges we are facing, we hope everyone can grasp the general trends, dare to take responsibility, be good at doing the right things, and build a shared prosperous future together.

XUE Jian, AssociateDean of Tsinghua SEM

JIA Li spoke on the development of Tsinghua SEM EMBA's alumni network, which reached a total of 8,194 people in 2021, with 57 alumni associations and interest clubs, carrying out a wealth of high-quality alumni activities. Before the pandemic, alumni associations in various regions carried out an average of more than 500 activities each year. Among them, the Tsinghua SEM EMBA class of 18-C won the title of "Tsinghua University Advanced Group in Fighting Against the Covid-19 Pandemic" in 2020. Through the National Alumni Association Partnership Program, the alumni development network has been continuously built and creatively developed.

JIA Li, Director of Tsinghua SEM EMBA Education Center

Afterward, JIA Li introduced the newly launched Tsinghua SEM EMBA alumni development course series. Only open to Tsinghua SEM EMBA alumni, this course series is designed to create a lifelong learning platform. In addition, Tsinghua SEM EMBA will also launch "20 Years, 20+," a series of interviews with outstanding alumni.

Finally, BAI Chong-En, XUE Jian, JIA Li, LI Qian, ZHUANG Li, LIU Wei, JIANG Rong (President of the 2002 Beijing Alumni Association), and ZHAO Xingpeng (President of the 2019 Beijing Alumni Association) came to the stage to jointly announce the start of the "Celebration of 20th Anniversary of Tsinghua Economic Management EMBA" launch ceremony.

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