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Innovating for real!


After more than four hours of fierce competition, the IoT (Internet of Things)-based Motor Fault Detection System team beat 14 teams to win the gold award at the 12th Tsinghua University Innovation Contest and 2022 Tsinghua University Creative Challenge (for freshman) on October 6, 2022.  

Gold award winning team's HUANG Jiawei, a student from the School of Architecture, Tsinghua University

Hosted by the Youth League Committee of Tsinghua University and Tsinghua x-lab and organized by the Tsinghua University Student Science and Technology Association, the event encourages students to unlock their innovation potential and practical ability. The competition combines competition with education for undergraduate freshmen and follows Tsinghua x-lab in creative-related course learning. Its five tracks focus on healthcare, sustainable community and urban development, art and culture, information technology and campus optimization, and encourage students to innovate in different fields. More than 30 teams signed up to participate as soon as the school announced the competition, and nearly 100 people participated in related supporting courses and coaching.

The final of the 12th Tsinghua University Innovation Contest and 2022 Tsinghua University Creative Challenge (for freshman) 

The final jury consisted of HE Ping, vice dean of Tsinghua School of Economics and Management; WANG Zhanshuo, deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee of Tsinghua University; TIAN Yuan, deputy director of the Pharmaceutical Invention Department of the State Intellectual Property Office; HAO Xiuqing, deputy director of Tsinghua x-lab; XIA Li, cultivation director of Tsinghua x-lab; TONG Yue, course director of Tsinghua x-lab; WANG Deyu, of Tsinghua iCenter Innovation Teaching Department; XUN Dengye, director of the Science and Technology Innovation Center of Tsinghua University; GUO Yijun, tutor representative of the Creative Competition Course and Certified Innovation and Entrepreneurship Tutor of Stanford University; Professor CAI Ningsheng of the Department of Energy and Power Engineering; XU Shuzheng, senior engineer of the Department of Electronic Engineering; LI Zhen, senior engineer of the Department of Electrical Engineering; TAO Feng, coach of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, and YANG Yining, chairman of the Student Science and Technology Association of Tsinghua University.

In his opening speech, HE Ping mentioned that the Youth League Committee of Tsinghua University and Tsinghua x-lab joined forces to organize the competition, which will help tap the innovative potential of Tsinghua students and showcase Tsinghua's innovative style. Tsinghua x-lab designed a set of courses and tutoring systems for the competition to promote the organic integration of in-class courses and extracurricular activities, and to cultivate students' academic research interests and practical ability.

HE Ping

YANG Yining mentioned in his speech that the final round of competition was another test to see whether students could make a smooth interpretation of their ideas in an academic way - a very valuable skill for students' future learning.

YANG Yining

Each team introduced its ideas and innovations to the judges through texts, pictures, videos, and physical objects. Under the information technology track, a team developing a "motor fault detection system based on IoT" attracted the most attention. HUANG Jiawei, a team member, said motor safety has important implications for various industries, especially for new-energy vehicles. Existing products are bulky, poorly integrated, and lack online detection and other technologies, so he designed a micro-inspection system based on IoT 5G technology combined with existing patents to solve the problem. HUANG answered the judges' questions about patent applications and their target groups.

The participants present their ideas.

The freshmen performed their best during the event, encouraged each other, and grew together.

Toward the end, WANG Zhanshuo said the freshmen students, from their time of admission and through military training and their first lessons, had done well in exploring novel ideas with practical functions, as well as ideas with far-reaching implications. WANG said he hoped students would make good use of university resources, lay a solid foundation, and enrich and temper their practical and innovative abilities.

WANG Zhanshuo

When commenting on the projects, HAO Xiuqing said many of the participants succeeded in turning their creative ideas into prototypes: the hands-on experience gave them a chance to move beyond basic creativity and to explore core business elements such as competition, cost, and technical barriers. HAO said even if a "fantastic idea" is in its infancy, as long as it continues to progress it may "break the cocoon and become a butterfly".

Source: Tsinghua x-lab 

Editor: REN Zhongxi