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Tsinghua SEM awards 2021 CHEN Xiaoyue Scholarships


Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management (Tsinghua SEM) held the award ceremony for its 2021 CHEN Xiaoyue Scholarships on September 22, 2022. Professor CHEN Xiaoyue's widow GUO Fengmei; his daughter CHEN Meng; his former students CHEN Wuzhao, FANG Yuan, GUO Yue, HUANG Ying, SUN Liqiang, YAO Fengqi, ZHANG Zhengrong, ZHU Hong, ZHU Jinpu; and his close friend XU Yuqing attended. HE Ping, associate dean of Tsinghua SEM; LIU Qing, director of the CPC Committee Graduate Student Task Force; KONG Yichun, CPC Committee Undergraduate Student Task Force; and GUO Zhaohui, director of the Student Affairs Office, also participated in the event hosted by WANG Min, deputy director of the Resource Development Office.

HE Ping thanked the CHEN Xiaoyue fund committee on behalf of the school for its continuous support. Since its establishment in 2010, the scholarship has benefited more than 100 students to promote their education and ability. In the future, the scholarship will expand to include students from outside the school and support those with outstanding abilities in academic research. HE said he hoped students appreciate the honor of receiving the scholarship and consider it a responsibility to care for others and give back to society.

HE Ping speaks at the ceremony.

HUANG Ying spoke on behalf of Professor CHEN's students. She said CHEN recognized the trend of internationalization in accounting early enough to integrate internationalized instruction into the curriculum's design. Many of his students went on to take roles in government, enterprises and financial institutions, and their work promoted China's economic development. HUANG said she hoped today's students would face the country's changes with a positive and open mind, and achieve even more in the future.

HUANG Ying speaks at the ceremony.

After a short film to memorialize CHEN, GUO Fengmei and HE Ping awarded the certificates to the students.

GUO Fengmei and HE Ping award the certificates to students.

At the end, LUO Zixian thanked Professor CHEN Xiaoyue and the fund committee for their encouragement on behalf of the recipients. She said the scholarship is not only a recognition but also a motivation for self-improvement and innovation. "CHEN, who 'looked at the world from China, and sought truth and excellence,' taught us through his experiences as a scholar and a person," she said. LUO said she hoped students will carry on his spirit of pursuing truth and excellence on their own paths in life.

LUO Zixian speaks at the ceremony.

The CHEN Xiaoyue Scholarships rewards outstanding and well-rounded undergraduate and graduate students majoring in finance and accounting and promotes the spirit of Professor CHEN and socially benefits future generations.

The scholarship ceremony

Source: Resource Development Office

Editor: REN Zhongxi