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Seeking certainty in an uncertain world: Decoding the dynamic Chinese economy


2023 Global Executive Program in China (GEPC) participants and 2022 alumni attended the program's Ice Breaking session, now in its second year after a 2022 pilot, in March 2023.

GEPC creates a space for global leaders seeking opportunities in China or to collaborate with Chinese companies internationally. It provides international leaders with theoretical and practical frameworks to nurture their Chinese business acumen, as well as abundant resources and connections from Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management (Tsinghua SEM). The participants, from eight foreign countries, were committed to embarking on an exciting adventure with GEPC.

DI Ruipeng, director of Global Executive Courses at Tsinghua SEM, and Tomas Casas, director of the China Competence Center University of St. Gallen, attended the Ice Breaking session and made inspiring presentations about GEPC and the opportunities and challenges of being involved in business with Chinese companies in China and the world market.

DI Ruipeng, director of Global Executive Courses, Tsinghua SEM

In his presentation, DI shared insights about the new administration and leadership in China, and how it will provide confidence and certainty to the investment world. DI said China is not only seeking higher growth, but quality and sustainable growth in terms of green energy, innovation, and environmental protection. China has market potential beyond the imagination of international leaders, DI said.

Tomas Casas, director of the China Competence Center, St. Gallen University


Casas called China's rise "inevitable", and said it is very important for business and executive managers who want to create new opportunities in China and the international market to understand it. He said GEPC not only helps global leaders to stay competitive in the Chinese market but in the international market as well.

After the presentations, participants introduced themselves and shared their reasons for participating in GEPC and their interests in China and the global market. "My main focus is to develop a stronger business relationship and friendship between China and Mexico, by understanding both markets, their opportunities and challenges, increasing bilateral FDI and growing the participation of Mexican companies in the Chinese market, with a special focus on high-end manufacturing, traditional and electric vehicles, clean energy, aerospace, technology, new industries such as AI, VR, AR, Blockchain, among others, and construct financial mechanisms to tackle climate change and develop SMEs," said Héctor Dorbecker, counselor of Economic, Technology, New Industries and Financial Affairs for the Embassy of Mexico in China, "In that sense, I have a significant gap in my knowledge and expertise about the Chinese government, its culture, market, key stakeholders and how to identify what Chinese business opportunities fit with the Mexican market, both inbound and outbound. With this in mind, my goals for the program are to transform my understanding about China and become a friend and ally to strengthen the bilateral relationship between China and Mexico, so China and Mexico thrive together by building sustainable public-private businesses."

Héctor Dorbecker, 2023 GEPC participant


Mansoor Mohamed, Hub Head Asia Pacific of South African Tourism, attended GEPC again as a 2022 alumnus. He said the 2023 class was very impressive and represented a diverse group of energetic and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, as well as industry and government. He wished them a prosperous and rewarding learning experience at Tsinghua SEM.

Mansoor Mohamed, 2022 GEPC participant


At the end the of the Ice Breaking session, DI welcomed all the new students and expressed his excitement for the journey ahead. There is more than one way to succeed in China as an international business leader, he said. With the best cohort of Chinese professors from different fields, participants in the 2023 GEPC program will start a unique adventure on behalf of their own institutions and countries.

About GEPC:

The diversity and dynamics of the Chinese market create unlimited opportunities for stakeholders and pose various challenges. In today's global context, understanding how to conduct business in or with China is vital to succeeding internationally. The program is designed to help senior executives and business leaders to identify opportunities and overcome challenges in the Chinese business world. Through lectures, case studies, and company visits, participants build skills to evaluate business opportunities and develop strategies. This program aims to give a comprehensive view of Chinese business practices to deepen understanding of the market and meet customers' expectations.

Admission for 2023 cohort remains open.

Source: Executive Education