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Three Tsinghua SEM courses named national first-class among undergraduates


The Ministry of Education released its list of 5,751 courses in the second group of nationally recognized first-class undergraduate courses on April 11, 2023. Tsinghua University is the home of 52 of these courses, which include 28 online courses, one virtual simulation experimental teaching course, three blended online and offline courses, 19 offline courses, and one social practice course.

Among these courses were several offered by the School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University (Tsinghua SEM). Principles of Economics (1) (course coordinator: QIAN Yingyi) and Principles of Accounting (course coordinator: XUE Jian) were both recognized as first-class offline courses, and Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (course coordinator: LUO Mei) received first-class recognition as an online course.

Principles of Economics (1): Teaching students to think like economists

QIAN Yingyi teaches class.

This course is one of the most important foundational courses offered by Tsinghua SEM for its undergraduate education, and it aligns with international undergraduate teaching standards. It is a required course for all undergraduate students. The course has three objectives: to teach students the fundamental ideas, concepts, and analytical methods of modern economics; to develop their observational skills to recognize economic behaviors and phenomena in the real world; and to train their economic intuition so they can think like economists.

Principles of Accounting: "No fake business records' in education and work

XUE Jian teaches class.

This course cultivates students with strong ideals, morals, culture, and discipline, according to the three-point integrated plan for Chinese socialism. The plan includes economic prosperity, political democracy, and ethical and cultural progress. The course aims to guide students to meet the following requirements: in terms of value shaping, they should develop strong professional risk assessment skills, establish patriotic dedication, and professional values and worldviews; in terms of ability development, students should be able to apply professional knowledge to practical business analysis, use accounting as a tool to understand other subjects such as economics, finance and management, and further enhance their theoretical skills and thinking ability; and in terms of knowledge acquisition, students should understand and master the basic principles, methods, and skills of accounting, and possess a complete professional knowledge structure and broad academic vision.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Learning innovative applications for blockchain and digital currency

LUO Mei teaches class.

This course is organized into six chapters, with the main goal of providing a clear and accessible introduction to the fundamentals of blockchain and related digital currencies. Students will learn key principles and characteristics of blockchain and digital currencies and learn how they rely on the integration of various disciplines, including computer science, cryptography, game theory, and economic management. The course aims to eliminate misunderstandings about blockchain and digital currencies while exploring associated industries and economic and financial phenomena. Students will also gain insight into the domestic and international development of blockchain and digital currencies, as well as their innovative applications.

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